Monday, April 22, 2013

Over coffee

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you that we have experienced so many new things with Evelynne this past month. Like a reality hit me of just how much she's growing and continues to grow. I enjoy experiencing these new things my daughter is accomplishing. It's so rewarding!

 At four Months we gave our little Piglet some solids. Since then we have learned that we have a major sweet tooth on our hands. I made her some applesauce and she loved it!! But when the veggies came around she wasn't taking to friendly to it at first.. But just yesterday she started to actually like squash! And even opened her mouth to receive it! But the green beans are still on the "hate list" for this young lady.
Last week we started her on apple juice in a sippy cup.. She wasn't sure what to think of it at first. But now she actually loves her juice and her sippy cup! I've noticed this girl loves to do things by herself.

If I was having coffee with you, I would you that we put our precious girl in her own room this month. So she's been sleeping alone for about two weeks now. I honestly think she sleeps better now and so do Leon and I! It's great having a room to ourselves again. And I believe Evelynne likes it too! Leon's Colones were cramping her style!!
We have seriously been enjoying these 80 degree weather days! Evelynne and I have been on a walk almost every day this week! :) It's been wonderful!

If I were having coffee with you this morning, I would tell you that I was slightly getting "Baby Fever" this morning as I was thinking about Baby Riley #2.. It was for a VERY slight moment though! Leon and I both don't want to get pregnant again until Evie is at least 18 Months and We are better off financially.  :) Plus piglet is surely keeping me off my toes right now. And I really want this time and season to be focused fully on her.

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you that Leon starts hitting the streets on Wednesday and gets his gun and badge Tuesday. I can't believe he's no longer in the academy.. His hours are going to be longer and totally different from here on... I honestly don't know what to expect. The only thing I do know at this point is that God is with us and for us! And that right there my friend, is most important! =)

 If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you how much I appreciate you, how much I love you and most importantly how much Jesus loves you!
This is what I would tell you if I we were having coffee together. What would you tell me?


Sarah Nicole said...

Evelynne is such a doll! Oh my goodness!

Kjelse said...

Svanja STILL hates green beans, haha! So E may not get to liking them anytime soon...

And I get baby fever almost every day, although I also get to thinking that I'd be happy with just Svanja almost every day, too. It's a bit of a bipolar thing, haha! Although there is a slight possibility I may be pregnant right now...we'll see what this week holds!

That's so exciting that Leon is almost done with academy! I was a police dispatcher before I had Svanja, and my hubby wants to be a police officer. He's applied to SO many places and even gotten to oral boards with one place, but there have been no bites. Did your husband have to apply to a lot of places before he got hired?

Rachel said...

My baby doesn't like green beans OR peas! We gave him veggies first so he doesn't mind them and still eats them and fruit too! Thanks for linking up with Mommy Mondays! I hope you'll link up again next week!

Danielle Wilson said...

Oh my goodness Evelynne is just too adorable! I love babies haha and yours is so precious:) Have a wonderful day!

Karla said...

Heather..she is gorgeous!!
I LOVE her headbands!! =)

Jen B said...

Thanks for linking up to mommy mondays! Love this post! Evelynne is beautiful! My first daughter is 20 months old and still doesn't like veggies. Not sure where we went wrong...gave them to her before fruit and everything. Oh well. She's not a good eater in general. Hopefully the new one will be better :)

Jen B said...

And PS, I love the quote on your blog header

Renee Hansen said...

Love her sweet little flower hat! Thanks for linking up to mommy mondays!