Friday, June 14, 2013

Tips For Quick Recovery After Labor

  Images from my first month of being a mama

I have A LOT of friends who are pregnant this year and I am just as happy as can be! I just adore reading their blog posts and reading their twitter and face book updates about how their little one's are kicking and how they're excited to be meeting their little babies really soon.. Can I just say I'm super excited too!! I mean honestly I just get so pumped when someone I know is pregnant!! It's such an incredible blessing.

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some helpful hints on having a quick recovery after labor. I really hope it benefits you!!!

1. Rest! This was something I've had to be told more than once. Right after I had Evie I felt so light and even though I was as sore as anything I wanted to do stuff like laundry, clean etc. Mainly I just didn't want to run behind on laundry. I just advise you to take it easy and enjoy the time you have with you sweet angelic baby. The laundry can wait, ordering pizza for dinner is a great idea, and hey that cute co-worker of yours is meant to help you out. So let him! Keep him busy. I mean after all it won't be long until you are wishing you could just chill and relax on the couch. ;)

2. The word "No" isn't always a bad word. Plus a lot of times it's much needed.. It's as simple as this. If you're not up for company just tell them that you are tired and need sleep.. I really believe that sleep takes a huge place in helping your body heal. And you're not gonna get much sleep when you have everyone and their mother coming to visit you.. I'm sure they'll understand and be totally okay with it. After all it's all about you right now and I'm sure that sweet baby of yours would rather be in your arms right now. :)

3. Stay hydrated and eat. Staying hydrated and eating is so very important right now. You're body is going through so many changes while it's in the process of healing. You really don't want to starve it from the things that it needs. :)

I hope this small bit of info helps! It really helped me get back on my feet again! Be blessed sisters and enjoy your precious  little one! :)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hardest Moments From The First Year of Marriage.

The first year of Marriage is always different for everyone. For some it's their best and most easiest year, full of romance and well, you know! And for some it's not the easiest and even pretty difficult sometimes. This first year of Leon's and my marriage was a rough year but I have learned one very important thing this year and that is to never leave your partner behind!

Unfortunately when many couples get married, when they say their vowels and when "For better or for worse."  come from their lips they really only mean for the better. And that really makes my heart cry. Because in so many occasions the great stuff comes after the hard stuff.. But no one stays around and waits for the great stuff to come. & this saddens me because once the great and wonderful stuff comes all of the hard stuff is nothing afterwards.

 The first year was a pretty hard year for Leon and I. Leon worked for a company where sometimes he had work and sometimes he didn't and when I had to leave my job at Panera Bread because they weren't giving me enough hours. Well, that made money extremely tight. So when he did get a big check we really had to make it last until I got a different job which never happened because of the economy. Nobody was hiring.
Which was major inconvenience on our part.. Eventually Leon and I prayed about it and being a stay at home mom was my calling. We decided to trust God to provide our needs while I stayed home.

In late February I started having dreams and one vision of a little girl and me being a mother specifically. I knew I was going to have a girl first and that these were dreams of her but I didn't know it would be so soon. Until I received this one vision while I was sitting in a prophetic conference teaching of a baby girl and then the word "Fath" appeared. I honestly didn't  know what to think. "Maybe, I was gonna have another little girl named Faith?" And than it hit me.. The thought that I was pregnant crossed my mind. And I was terrified but so full of joy at the same time.  The thought of being a mama, carrying a baby inside of me, and just everything about Motherhood is just wonderful, I always knew I was going to be a mama, and it was always something I've dreamed of doing. I was really excited about meeting my little girl in 9 months but I was terrified by the fact that my husbands job wasn't a steady one.

But with that vision God has told me to be still and not to worry. To have Faith because He was going to provide our every need. And not long after Leon and I returned from the conference. Sure enough I was pregnant with my most favorite girl in the whole world!  I felt so much joy in my heart. I couldn't even describe it!

It was really hard for Leon the first three months of pregnancy because I had horrible morning sickness. I was seriously on bed rest the first few months because I couldn't keep anything down. My poor husband had no idea what to do!

And through out the year everything we needed was provided. Everything  for Evie's nursery and clothes, Leon's job increased financially. And when September came he finally got accepted in the police academy.
We're still just making enough to make ends meat. But we're trusting God for all of our needs and we know He will provide. It was a really hard year for us financially but I know this is just a season and the next season I'm believing that Leon and I will be so well off financially that we can bless others who are having the same financial issues  as we were.

Another hard thing for me specifically was I was moving into a place with two other loved ones. My Mama inlaw and my sister inlaw  Ashley. Leon and I never lived with each other before Marriage so I was not only getting to know my beloved hubby. His likes and dislikes I was also getting to know his mama and sister. It was really hard for me at first because we all live SOO differently and to top it all off I was an emotional pregnant woman going through morning sickness.. However. this is no longer an issue. I love these ladies. <3

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flying in Your Arms

I'm soaring on the wings of eagles.
My love for you flies and it soars higher.
Everyday my love for you burns brighter.
Never will my eyes be taken off you.
For you are my constant desire.
You are the One who keeps me flying higher.
Your love is a flame in me burning brighter.
Your love is my comfort my joy and my strength.
 I cannot be moved by any other, but I love being moved by You.
You're my desire. For how can I not be moved by you my Beloved?
For you are all I need.
My hands are lifted up and you move me off the ground.
 With my hands towards the heavens I receive you Jesus with all I am!
As you hold me close to you, no one can come between us.
I am soaring on the wings of eagles and I can touch the skies.
For it is You my Love that taught me what it means to fly.
 I leave all behind everything and I'm not looking back.
All I need is You, and with You I'm moving forward.
Every day I'm flying higher. Wrapped in Your arms of love. A love that is so strong and perfect it can only come from above.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Evelynne's first strawberry picking.

I took Evelynne strawberry picking with a friend of mine.. This was one of those days that I will treasure always. Even though Evie had a melt down here and there and had a slight tantrum because I wouldn't let her eat the hay. I will always treasure it because it was  her first trip strawberry picking. And as she gets older and older her "Firsts" will be hard to come by. So I want to treasure every first moment I have with her. Over all I think she had a great time! She loved all the sight seeing, playing with Charlie, trying to eat the hay, and putting her feet in the soft dirt. And not to mention the strawberries are amazing!! You've honestly have never had a strawberry unless you pick them yourself. They are so red a juicy!