Friday, October 18, 2013

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31daysofblogging// Sunshine award.

The other day I was tagged by my sweet friend Rebecca  for the sunshine award! And I'm so excited!
(1) What is a dream that you hope will come true for your life? 
Oh man, this is a hard one! I have so many and I'm declaring each one of them to come true! One is to be a Woman's inspirational book author, Actually go on a huge romantic  getaway to Paris with the hubs, and to go on a family trip to England.
I have a dream. I have a dream. I want all the disney movies.
                    (2) Do you have a nickname? If so, what is the story behind it?
I do! two actually.  My first nickname I received as a child was is Cheetah.. Like the monkey. I got it from my Uncle Lloyd who gave me that name after expressing my passion and love for banana's.. I used to put my hands up and wave them back in forth just to get one. I wish I could say that story was long forgotten before I met my husband but unfortunately my poor husband got to here that embarrassing story along with many other. However, I am still called "Cheetah" by many of my family members til this day.. I've actually gotten used to it.

My 2nd nickname that I personally love best is "Fruitsnacks Smiles"  I received this nick name from a favorite manager back in the Panera Bread days. I have always loved fruit snack gummies  and  I always smiled so she gave me the name Fruitsnacks Smiles.. And from that day on that was my name at Panera Bread. :)

(3)If you had to change your first name what would you change it to?
I have no idea, something meaningful, powerful and different though!
 Maybe "Trinity" or something lol. I'm also a fan of old fashioned names.

(4) What is the strangest thing that you believed when you were a child?
That their were little people living in traffic lights that made it turn red, green, or yellow.
(5) What is the most recent compliment that you have received and treasured? Why?
The other day I received a sweet word from a girl who thanked me for blogging because it really encourages her.

I was so touched by it because that's exactly what my mission as a blogger is.. To bless and encourage and foremost give Jesus all the glory.. I desire for this space on the web to always be filled with positive and lovely things.

(6) What do you think about more than anything else?
I would defiantly have to say Jesus and the future He has for me. He has really been calling me to do worship at my church so worship has really been on my mind along with ministering to my family and the blogging community.. 
(7) Where is your favorite place to go in your hometown?
My local star bucks and Panera Bread. I'm really on the search for a nice infamous coffee shop but the only one's I have found so far are smack down in the middle of the Baltimore city and it's not a very nice quiet place. boo!
(8) What is your favorite word?
Love. Because without it, you can do nothing.
(9) Who is your hero and why?
There was a certain Man who took my place long before I was born.. He died so that I may live and have eternal life with Him forever. I'd say He is more than a Hero but One who is truly worthy of my every praise!
(10) What has been the most terrifying moment in your life and why?
 When Leon and I got into a car accident when I was 43 weeks pregnant with our baby.. Thankfully she was moving alot afterwards so it was hard for the enemy to plant thoughts in my head. Still it was my first car accident and when you have your child in the car it makes the whole experience even more terrifying. However, God really looked out for us and the only thing that got destroyed was our car. We needed a new one anyways :)
(11) What has been your best/favorite vacation and why?
I've never actually been on a vacation before =(  I will go on one soon though! I have many plans with my family.. However, My Uncle used to take us kids to his cabin in WV every year when we were younger.. He'd take us four wheeling, let us drink soda 24/7 and eat whatever we wanted.. I remember my older sister and I living on chocolate muffins and milk the whole week pretty much. I also remember the cabin having a gorgeous view. It was beautiful :) 

I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!!! Come check out my newest vlog devotional that will be held every Wednesday called "Not your ordinary coffee date". It's gonna be awesome and I can't wait to see what God has planned for this!! Today I'm talking about worry so I hope you are blessed. Love ya'll!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't put your life on hold until your married.

Hey Darling, 

I've wanted to write you for a long, long time.
Today seemed like it was finally the time and I hope that you'll hear me out.

Lately, you have really been on my heart.
I see so many of you longing for a love that is true and real. 

I see so many of you left feeling lonely, and seeing the circumstance of 
singleness as some kind of illness or identity.
 and I know how you feel,
because I've been there.

I have seen so many of you put your life on hold until you meet someone special..

I have seen so many of you make the decision to sleep.. To just sleep your life away until this dashing handsome man comes  driving   riding on his noble steed to come and kiss you awake.

And you know what? I was a complete victim to this when I was single. I was asleep throughout my whole single life.

All I did was dream, day dream and then dream again.

These dreams were all about How  I would one day meet my husband, how many kids I wanted, when will I meet him, oh, and my personal not so favorite but did so often was I wonder if _________ is the one!?! I had a lot of those ones.

And when my eye often caught Marriage Material I often day dreamed about them. I guess you could say my mind was pretty booked with dreams..

Ladies, May I encourage you today?

As a Married mama, I see now the true blessing that singleness really is..

It's a beautiful, strong and powerful situation to be in. Though the world may say otherwise but it's true!

I'm not saying Marriage isn't because it certainly is! But in a different way.. They're both awesome!
But don't miss out on the blessing and gifts of singleness because singleness is just a stepping stone before marriage.. It's a preparation and much more than that.. And if your not happy being single you're  certainly not going to be happy being married either! Because you'll be lacking the one thing that can keep you satisfied.. Jesus

You see singleness is not just a preparation .. It's an opportunity to fully seek after God with everything you are! To know Him, develop  an intimacy with Him, and allowing Him to show you things beyond imagination  Without the distractions of marriage and babies. It doesn't have to be a process of waiting.. It could be a process of amazing opportunities.. And once you realize the single life doesn't have to be a miserable, waiting season I really believe you'll enjoy it much better!

I'm certainly not saying that you shouldn't dream..  That's far from what I'm saying here.. I believe dreaming big is so important and I'm a proud supporter.. But It certainly shouldn't come before God's plan and His thoughts in Your life.. Putting your dreams and thoughts that can lead up to unhealthy thoughts and decisions before Jesus is no bueno and leads to a dead end where no dreams are fulfilled..

So ladies, I encourage you to let go of the 24/7 day dreaming and start some 24/7 Jesus dreaming..  He'll show you things that your own dreaming can't  even imagine or comprehend. And express way more undying, unconditional love for you than ever imagined..  

His love is real ya'll! Don't wait to be married to finally figure that out.

So many women have the understanding that romance and love can only be found in relationships... That you won't feel treasured, cherished, and loved until we meet our Mr.  And for the women who feel that way I can totally understand why they'd be desperate and lonely during they're single life.. Because what girl doesn't want to be cherished, adored and loved? As women were were created to love these things and to desire these things. We were not only created to love God but to also be loved by Him.  To have a relationship with Him. 

But what is not seen is that even when she does  find a man who does love her, cherishes her, and adores her.. It won't be enough. Maybe at first. Maybe longer. But eventually he'll get old.. The sweet things he had done for her won't be enough and because as human's we're not perfect and he will mess up.. He'll forget about her some days, some days he won't be able to fill her every need, some day's he'll be to tired to spend time with her, and some days he'll rather hang out with his bros.. And you know what? That's okay, it's normal, healthy and it does not mean he's not a marriage material man.  But you'll still need more, you'll still thirst for more because the man you have slept day dreaming about, the man you have waited for all these years will soon no longer be of interest to you anymore because when it was him, his love that you thought you longed for it was really a more perfect love you desperately needed. A love that can only be given by  perfection.. All that time what you were really seeking was Jesus.. The creator of Love and romance.

I really hope I made my point across.. Darlings, What I'm saying is as single ladies.. you are not a  lesser woman.. You are not just a girl and being Married doesn't make you loved, a real woman, or a respectable woman.  It is Jesus who makes you loved and it is your attitude that makes you a real respectable woman and how you handle your single life.

I'm telling you this not with empty words. But with experience. Don't be the girl in need of a man to come and rescue her from the life of singleness.  But be fully independent on Jesus and He will fill your every desire and that will make your future marriage with the man after God's own heart even stronger, more loved filled and powerful. Don't wait to fall in love with Jesus until you're married. Do what you can now to strengthen your relationship with Him. Go on missions trips, start a blog, write a book, start a sisterhood community. Get involved and let God use your singleness to do powerful things. 

                                                                       Love ya, girl! And keep shining for Him.
                                                                                             xoxo- Heather Leigh.

Monday, October 14, 2013

31daysofblogging// Exciting moments of the week.

It has seriously been raining all week last week! From dawn to dusk.. I'm usually a huge fan of rain. The sound, the look.. The way it makes you feel so cuddly and  gives you permission to stay in your PJ's all day and get lost in a book.. However, Motherhood has changed my line of thinking a bit.. I still love rain and the sound (especially thunderstorms) but when your daughter gets cabin fever when she's in the house to long things go crazy.. Piglet loves the out doors.. LOVES it! It's her favorite place to be and when she can't go outside she's not a happy camper..Thankfully my friend Carolyne and I were able to get together with our little darlings to make some fall crafts! Isn't pinterest the best for fall idea's? 

E did so well! She's like a natural born artist. We had so much fun.

For the first time since Spring Leon and I got to go on a date.. Oh it was so nice to be able to just enjoy a nice quiet dinner and not have to rush our meals down our throat.  It was nice to be able to just share our hearts with one another, and to get to know each other even more than we  did.. Even if it's something as simple as what super hero you'd want to be if you could. We like to ask questions like that. It keeps the Marriage fresh.

It's funny how special and important dates are now for us.. Before when we were just dating it was something we did like two times a week.. Now we're lucky if we can get out once every three months.. The good thing about that though is that because we don't get to do it as often we appreciate it so much more.. It's so much more special and memorable. It's not just going out to eat. It's a time of fellowship, to slow down for a second to enjoy each other, a time to remind each other of why we fell in love. And let me tell you something ladies, I'm in love!

Leon would be Super Man by the way and I couldn't make up my mind between Iron woman and Optimus Prime!  =)

Where do you like to go on your dates or go with your girlfriends to chill?

Do you have any cute fall crafts that would be good for an almost one year old?