Friday, June 15, 2012

A beautiful breath of life.

Leon and I went to the ultrasound and was so extremely pleased and blessed to find out we are expecting a GIRL!! She was being extremely shy and active so I wasn't sure at first we would be able to find out. But I am so glad we did. We also got our baby's first pictures!! I am just so happy and blessed to be pregnant. And to be expecting a little miracle. She is going to change and bless many lives. Her name is going to be Evelynne which means "A beautiful breath of life"  
She was looking right at us!
Cute side of her face! The first thing I noticed was her little nose <3

Her footsies I can't wait to kiss and tickle.

More footsies

Her body from head to toe. She has some long legs like her parents!
The very proud parents celebrating at "The Grill"
What was the most exciting part of the day?Watching her on the screen being active. She was moving all over the place! It was like she was dancing. But she wasn't crazy about the doctor rubbing all up my stomach.  It made me smile to see her moving and that everything was great!
What was your reaction when you found out the sex? AHHH!! Super excited! I wasn't surprised though. I knew the whole time it was girl considering the dream I had of her about a year and a half ago. I'm so glad I finally get to meet her!

Were you surprised? Nope! Just happy and blessed
What are you looking forward too in your pregnancy? feeling kicks! I want to so badly feel her moving inside me =)
Do you have names? Yep! Evelynne Lorain Riley.<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boy or girl? EEEK!!

So, Tomorrow is the day we get to find out if the baby is a boy or girl!! I am literally so excited and I can't wait until they give me the answer to the question I've been seeking for ever since I found out I was preggers.. Boy or girl? We will also be getting our first baby pictures! So much to look forward to tomorrow!

Leon and I found a bassinet at a flea market in excellent shape! It's like new and he only got it for 15$ How cool is this!? They originally asked for 25$ But my beloved Leon is always good at bargaining. But I am one happy momma to find it! I have it in our bedroom now thinking of the best places to put it. My poor husband stubbed his poor toe twice on it already. I take every toe stub as a sign that there is a better place for it or maybe I'll put little glow in the dark objects next to the bottom so he'll see it. =)

A lovely day with a lovely Friend.

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with my friend Ashlee! We went to the one and only Panera Bread and chilled at the pool afterwards. And of course we had to stop by at BabiesRus to look and that ended up with my sweet friend buying the baby a bassinet sheet! Thanks girl for such a great day. I always love hanging out with you =)
Oh, Yes! You better believe it's back!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kayaking here we go!

 My holy hunk and I decided to go for a kayak ride. We almost fell in once or twice and I kept getting wet. But we had a great time!
The beautiful outdoors!
My driver ;)

Me, not nervous at all from Mr. Riley's hardcore kayak swinging!

The Riley's!

Do you guys have any funny kayaking stories? Or with boat's in general? I would love to hear from you!