Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evelynne's first swimming pool!

 We quickly found out that Evelynne is a BIG fan of water.. She loves it! Bath water, drinking water, the lake.. So her Gandma took her out and bought Evelynne her very own swimming pool. And it's so adorable!

Evelynne loves it! She had so much fun.. Though I think she'll be one of those kids that like to get out just to jump back in again! As you can see in the pictures we had a blast.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In our marriage we:

desire our marriage to look and be like this everyday.

totally agree with this!

When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel.

& especially me. We need to be reminded of this.

absolutely believe this is the way it should be.. Especially in Marriage. 
This is how to find a Godly Man, be a Godly Woman!

say "Amen" to this!  And praise God because of His Truth.. In this season of life we are in right now. It's so easy to get  frustrated, down, and just upset. And for me with Leon working all the time at night. It's easy to feel lonely too! But we know that we are not victims but we were made to overcome. Leon and I are going through hard times right now.. But we hold tight to the awesome truth that God isn't finished yet..  And instead of letting our emotions be ruled by "circumstances" We make our circumstances be moved by our faith! Amen.

 know that with Christ we can do all things.. Heal the sick, raise the dead. and do the impossible for The Glory of Jesus Christ and only in His Powerful Name.. We know that if we ask God for anything together in His Name. It will be done.
God, Husband, Wife

We know that "tough" season in life can be just as refreshing as a "good" season. It really just depends on how your attitude is and how you choose to look at it... You can either be moved by your circumstances or take control of them and refuse to let it steal your joy.. You'd be surprised by how quickly a "tough" circumstance can change into a good one.

Though this is a hard season in life for Leon and I right now. We hold tight that there is a plan and a future for both of us.. We know we won't struggle financially for much longer, we know that Leon and I will get back to the newness we once had, and we know that now and at the end of it all. God will get all the glory and this experience in life is going to minister to millions of young married couples one day. We know that Jesus will take what the enemy has tried to make for bad. And use it to do amazing things! Because God is just awesome and groovy  in that way! (yes, I said groovy! Don't judge! ;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Berry Smoothie recipe.

As the weather gets hotter and more humid I thought I'd share one of my favorite smoothie recipe with you. It's so delicious and on the healthier side. I mean you can't  go wrong there right?
 Happy Monday friends and enjoy!!