Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Every good and Perfect gift.

I am just so amazed by this little person growing inside me.
Every week I see each beautiful and wonderful new change my little miracle has developed! And I'm just so blessed to have the wonderful opportunity to participate in Gods miracle in creating a new being who is going to be anointed in the serving of the Kingdom of God. I am so blessed that the title "mommy" will finally belong to me. And it excites me to see the joy in Leon's eyes when he knows he's going to be a daddy.

Our baby is a good and perfect gift from God and I love every moment of seeing our little miracle grow!

Baby's progress.
1. How along. 
9 weeks!
2. Morning sickness? 
Yes, But I'm praying it will leave me alone  soon!
3. New changes this week.
 The little eyes can function but they're shut for now,  Their cute external ears are formed and their inner ears are now filled with fluid - which allows my little womb gymnast to begin developing their sense of balance. and they have feet I can't wait to tickle and they have their little hands I can't wait to kiss!
4. Any names picked out yet?
Yep! If  a boy the name will be Leon Parker Riley the 5th and if a girl  Evelynne Lorain Riley.
5. Any cravings?
Chickfila and gummies!  Weird I know.

Do you have any wonderful memories from pregnancy? Or advice you have to give for a new comer of mother hood?