Friday, February 8, 2013

The day I got engaged.

It was the day I had an interview to get a job at Panera Bread on November 19th 2010. Leon came over a few hours earlier to see me off. I had no idea why but I was super nervous.. I haven't had a real job since I was 16 at a Dairy Queen (Worst working experience  ever!) After that I watched my niece and cousins until I hit 19. He was super supportive. Saying "You got this Heather,  go get it!" I wish I was more supportive of myself back then.

After he left I headed to my interview. And after sitting there and waiting for three hours for the manager to come interview me I got the job! I was so extremely happy to be working at one of my most favorite places ever! When I got home to my surprise Leon's car was in the drive way. I was happy he was there but I thought it was quite odd that he's at my house after he just left.. As I walked in he was all dressed up in one of my favorite outfits on him. "So, did you get it?" I laughed and replied "Yes!"  He was so happy and mentioned we should celebrate by going for a walk in the woods. Now before that sounds a bit creepy to you. He could not have made me happier by saying that! Not only do I love going on walks. These particular woods were my favorite woods to adventure in because there, I would have my Jesus walks. There was the place I talked to Jesus all those days about my future husband before I met him, after I met him and of course  while I was dating him. It was also the place where my spiritual sister Krista and I prayed and fellowshiped together for the very first time. This was one special place so of course I said "Yes!"  I should have caught on by my mothers excitement to get me out of the house to walk in the woods (Alone) with my boyfriend. But it's obvious to many people that I don't catch on to things very well!  As we were walking  I noticed Leon had his bible with him. "Do you have a word for me love?" I asked with excitement! "I guess you'll have to wait and see!"  Leon said laughing.   As we sat down on my favorite bench (Which was technically  a log) he handed me his bible and said "Why don't you look up Jeremiah 29:11." Which has been our foundational verse since the day we got together. As I got to it I noticed a beautiful shiny ring in between the page and suddenly he got on his knees next to me and said with his handsome voice "Heather, I love you, will you marry me?" And without a silence in between I said "Yes" And we hugged for like 15 minutes because we have not yet kissed. This is my story of how Leon asked me to marry him. And I wouldn't trade this story for anything. It was the most romantic and most personal.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My very first date. Part 2 from "The day I realized I was in love."

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That night when we got back from Ocean city. I was on the moon from being swept off my feet so high. I knew I was gonna marry this man. There was no doubt in my mind. But I was very curious if he felt the same way and after two days of wondering, I did what any curious nineteen year old would do...... I texted him and asked him. Though I did not get the answer I was looking for.
 I thought it was a positive he  liked me. There was no doubt in this noggin of mine. After I asked him I received his message back And it started with  "Hey Heather, "You are one of the nicest girls I've ever met" (I'm sure you see now where this is headed right?? LOL)  It's safe to say he only asked me those questions to get to know me better as a FRIEND. So after that jaw drop I independently picked it up, put on my big girl pants and decided to happily remain as a friend to him. I personally felt a deeper connection than "Friends" But I thought I would rather be friends with him than nothing at all.

And that next day at church he gave me the sweetest most genuine bear hug.... (Yep, I can't just be friends with this guy I thought! He'll come around and won't be able to resist me!) haha.

And it turns out he did just that! You see,  Leon has had previous relationships. Relationships he wasn't proud of. So he told God he didn't want to date just to date. But he wanted to date knowing he was dating his wife. He gave up the dating game when he turned 17. He liked me. My morals, my passions, and everything I stood for. And after much prayer with him and discovering that he had competition with a few other boys at church. He decided to send me a text.. (We live in a day in age where texting can be romantic too!) I mean you can even text flowers!!) Anyways, this was certainly a text I was not expecting. We often stayed up till 1:00 am texting talking about God and passions.. Until he fell asleep on the other side of the phone that is. But this text was much different.

"Hey Heather, I would love to take you out on a date to get to know you some more! When would be a good time for me to come over and talk to your dad?"

I literally screamed with excitement. I thought this day wouldn't come as soon as it did! He came around 6 that evening and spoke to my dad and of course he said "yes" How could my dad resist such a sincere smile? We planned for Monday evening for a dinner at a Italian restaurant. I couldn't wait but still I had to just make sure it was cool with my First Beloved. You see, I had a goal, a desire. I wanted to give everything I had, and every experience I shared to only be with one man.  I didn't want to date or kiss my future husband with other faces popping in my head. And that's exactly what God blessed me with. Leon is a proud owner of all my firsts.
 It was the best first date a young woman could ever have! We went there, I tried fried squid, we talked about God, love, Marriage and he even preached to me a bit. (I loved it!) He even almost ran of the road once because he couldn't take his eyes off me. It was the perfect July evening for two young lovers.One thing I will always remember is that he tipped the waiter with a 20 even before we sat down.. He told me we will not only get better service that way but it makes him feel better about serving us.. I was really impressed with his generosity.. Ha, I even tell him to this day he would make a really cool rich man!

"For I know the plans I have for you". Declares The Lord. "Plans that will prosper you, and not harm you, plans that will give you hope and a future!" Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hope {Bella's Story}

Hello friends! Today a new blog friend will be taking over my blog today. We met a few weeks ago and I am inspired by this woman's little girl Bella! Bella was diagnosed with leukemia on June 26th, 2012. And ever since than she has been fighting hard and winning the battle at such a young age.  

Please, read on as my new friend Cory shares about Bella and what these past months have been like for their family.

My child is different. I knew that the moment she was born, though you couldn't tell from the outside. I could just feel it. She changed my life. For the better. I knew she was gonna grow up and do amazing things.

When I got the call at 3am that confirmed she had ALL Leukemia I was in a disarray. I wasn't sure what to think. I just knew I had to trust in God, that she would still do amazing things. They just may not be what I envisioned for her.

Seeing her go through so much pain from a simple blood test that ended with a bone marrow biopsy, a major surgery to insert her port-a-cath, starting chemo, and 10 days inpatient were tough.

When she got a high fever after only being home from 6 days and ended up being admitted for 26 days because of a blood infection I was scared. But after 29 days of chemo and countless blood and platelet transfusions I got the call from the doctor that unlike 98% of ALL patients Bella did not go into remission. I was then terrified. At this point, I couldn't hold it in anymore. All I could do was cry and pray to God that I needed Him. He had to make her better. I couldn't lose my little girl. Things get a little easier but the pain never ceases. Some days it just hits you like a freight train that your once healthy child now has a life threatening disease.

Now when people see Bella, they can tell she is different. She doesn't have much hair, she wears a mask and she has a port inside her chest. She can't play at the park or McDonald's without fear of getting deathly sick. She goes to the doctor at lease once a week to receive chemo. Her best friends are the doctors and nurses she sees almost everyday. She is a champion pill swallower. Did I mention she is 3 years old? She is amazing. Her courage and strength can only come from one place. God.

He loves her more than I can fathom, which is difficult to do since I love nothing more in this world than my children and Jesus. I must put my trust and faith in Him. He can see the big picture even tho I cannot. He will lead me where I am supposed to go.

Just like I feel He is leading me to become more involved in raising awareness for childhood cancer. If I reach only 1 person. That will be enough. Today Bella is in remission. It took a very long 4 months to reach that goal but we did it, but it wasn't without a few tears shed and many sleepless nights. We still have 2 years left of treatment and I am still scared everyday that I could lose my child, but I must be strong for her and my family. God is on our side.

Isn't Bella the sweetest little girl? And that smile of hers spoke volumes to me! I can't wait to see what God has planned for her life! Lets continue to pray victory over this family and others as well.  Please visit Bella's Blog and Facebook to show support in any way.. prayer, sharing her story, or just to love on them!

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. 
But the greatest of these is love." ~ 1 Corinthians 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Evelynne's 2 month Doctor Appointment.

Yesterday Evelynne had her two Month Doctor visit. Leon was off so he got to go with us! Our little girl now weighs 12 lbs and is 25 inches. Her Pediatrician says she is off the charts! I think we have a basket ball player on our hands! ;)
                                                                        Before the shots! =/
                                                                     Mr. Cool...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Over coffee Mondays. (Link up)

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you about my date yesterday with Leon.. 
It so so very nice to just get out with him and talk without any interruptions. This was actually our Valentines day celebration. We don't usually go on a date on Valentines day because everything is so crowded and that is not mine or Leon's cup of tea. This is a date I did not know about until the Friday and even then I had no idea what Leon had in mind. I love it when he does stuff like this! 
 Leon and I left Evelynne with Momma Riley after church and headed to Red Robin. (Their burgers are off the hook!) It was wonderful to sit and have a nice conversation that somehow involved "Captain Underpants" without any interruption.  We laughed and of course talked about our daughter and what age we're looking forward to her being, we talked about Marriage, Spiritual needs, and how much we both like this burger joint. 

After that we went to the movies. I haven't been there since the "Avengers"  which considering I had a horrible case of morning sickness that wasn't a good idea!  This time it was much better. We went to see "The Hobbit" 
It is definitely one of my favorites now! Even though I still like "The Two Towers" best. I was really having a soft spot for the King Dwarf who fought to get his kingdom back. & some of the dwarfs were even handsome! I honestly thought they all looked the same. I guess not. Anyways at least  now I know why Gimli had such a hard heart towards the Elve's at first in "The Fellowship of the Ring" And what is up with the ending?? I'm not gonna say what happens because I don't want to be a movie spoiler but, What is up? 

After that Leon talked me into seeing a double feature which is something I normally wouldn't do because I can't sit that long but I thought I would give it a try. We saw "Hansel and Gretel"
The action was great. Leon and I both liked it but wouldn't own it due to some of the content. But the guy who played Hansel Jeremy Renner. Is definitely working his way up to being one of my favorite actors. 

So after the double feature Leon and I ended the day with some tasty ice cream. And headed home to snuggle our baby. 

 This is what I would tell you if I was having coffee with you this cold morning. Leon and I very much appreciate time to ourselves more often now that we don't get it as often. What would you tell me?
If you would like to share what you would tell me if you were having coffee with me, follow along with my new Link up and come back and comment your link so I can see!! =D