Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Over Coffee. (My first week as a mom)

Because lately, I've been needing a Venti!

So when I get coffee I'm usually aiming for more of the seasonal drinks. Like during fall as you know the Pumpkin spice has my full attention and right now I am a sucker for that White peppermint mocha. But when there is no seasonal drinks I'm satisfied with a good old decaffeinated Caramel latte.. But lately I've been getting caffeine!

So, I am picking up on my coffee dates with you. A lot has happened since our last one and I have been thinking a lot on the topic "If I was having coffee with you, what would I tell you?" Well, honestly I would tell you all about my first week being a mom and my thoughts towards Evie. And of course I would. Because isn't that what all moms talk about constantly? Their little darlings?

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you how this week has been probably the most exhausting week of my life. But also the most wonderful and I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I would have to say the first four days was the hardest. Mainly because for the first four days I was still trying to adjust, to know and understand her cries, breastfeeding was bloody murder, and I was in so much pain still from the delivery and I'm sure the only eight hours of sleep for those four days didn't help much. And honestly, It really wasn't the baby that exhausted me. It was the fact that I was limited with the things I could do. I couldn't use the stairs, cook, bend over, and I couldn't even walk unless I had too! And it seriously hurt with every sneeze. That alone drove me crazy!  If you know me, you know I hate being limited to do things. I love to do things on my own.  But I am doing much better now. I can walk almost back to normal, but it still hurts when I sit down. I believe I'll be 100% better by the end of the week. I am so grateful though for everyone who helped me and my husband for doing things without being asked. Like he even brought me breakfast in bed for the first five days before leaving for work because he didn't want me going down stairs. Love that man!
I honestly cannot stop looking at this angelic daughter of mine! She is just too beautiful.
It amazes me that if a sinner like me could love someone this much  I can't even compare the thought of how much a perfect God loves me! I believe being a parent gives you a deeper understanding of God's love for His children.

 If I was having coffee with you I would tell you the high light of my  last week was seeing my husband bond with her. He's still learning how to adjust with a newborn but he's getting better at it every day! I'm so proud of him. I must be honest the first couple of weeks I was pretty much just going with the flow with this kid. I honestly didn't know what she wanted and when she wanted it. But one week later I think I pretty much have her schedule under control (I think!) She's actually a really good baby! We were blessed with a child that really only cries when she needs to be changed or fed. It's a rare one when she cries just because she wants to be held. (It's probably because I'm always holding her anyways!)  At night she wakes up about every four hours except for last night and her first night home. She was up pretty constant.
 Her first bath was quite an experience. At the moment she's not that crazy about it! Except when I run it through her hair and down her back. But other than that she's a screaming her head off!

 This has been my breakfast the past week! I have to say breakfast is my uttermost favorite meal of the day. I guess because it's my first meal and it's usually pretty quiet ;) Minus yesterday when my multitasking skills were put to the test when I had coffee, ate and breastfed at the same time! I pretty much bragged about that all day to my peeps.. Well, considering it's difficult for me to even talk on the phone while cooking dinner. That was a major accomplishment for someone that doesn't usually multitask ;)

These are some lovely flowers my sisters bought for me when I came home from the hospital. Oh, and that vase I got for only one dollar at a flea market!! BOOOOYAAA!!!!

If I was having coffee with you, I would tell you what everyone told me before I became a mother. "You just wont know until you have a child of your own" Until now I have often thought about what those mothers meant. But now what that statement means to me is that you will never now how much you are capable of loving a little person, you will never know how protective you can be, you will never know what it takes to be a mother. How hard, but how wonderful it is until you become a mother yourself. Babysitting just doesn't cut it. Until you are a mother you just won't know.

If I was having coffee with you, I would tell you that motherhood is such a learning experience for the three of us. But it is the most exciting/challenging journey I have ever been on. And I wouldn't change it for anything!

This is what I would tell you if I was honored to have coffee with you! What would you tell me?
                           HAPPY TUESDAY!!!