Monday, June 4, 2012

Strawberry salad.

So, I have been having major cravings for fruit during my second trimester. Honestly... I feel like if I could live on fruit for the rest of my life, I easily would! And to show my undying love for fruit I wanted to share this amazing salad recipe with you that I adore! It's pretty simple and tastes delish!

What you will need for a company of four.
1. one carton of strawberries.
2. A large can of  mandarin oranges
3. a large can of pineapples.
4. about a handful of blueberries
5. a handful of pecans.
6. chicken.
7. Romaine lettuce

And of course you can make more or less changes if one desires. It's pretty much impossible to make this salad less wonderful!

Directions:  Pretty much just mix it all together with a cup of love and enjoy with your favorite salad dressing ;)

Dressing recommendations vinaigrette Poppy seed dressing. It tastes great with the fruit!
What I don't recommend is ranch, but you never know. You might like it!