Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy 5 Months Evie!


My piglet's 5 months! Where has the time gone? I feel as though she was just a newborn a few weeks ago. Now she's five months. One month before she becomes half a year old. She really is growing! I have really been loving to experience life and adventures through the eyes of my precious Evelynne. Noticing the newness of  what Spring has to offer, watching momma worship Jesus  (And believe it or not, I really believe babies worship God too! I have no doubt they see Angels as well.)  And seeing new faces. Being a mom is everything I expected and more.. I am more in love, more tired, more joyful and more than blessed. I thank God for where He has put me in life. I am just very blessed. I love you Evie, Happy 5 months!!
 At five months my sweet Evie:

Has two bottom teeth. (Seriously people, I'm considering pumping!) She looks so adorable with two bottom teefers. 

Is officially eating solid's for breakfast and dinner.

Smiles a lot more often. 

Is reconizing faces. (Especially daddy's)

Laughs at the silliest things such as dandy loin puffs blowing in the air. 

Recognizes herself in the mirror. And gets   really excited.

Can get on all fours and attempt to crawl but it turns into slugging.

Can drink out of her sippy cup and easily hold things.

Can sit up for a certain amount of time. 

Loves grabbing her toes!
Happy five months Sweet Evie!!Mommy and daddy love you soo much!

 three things Thursday
 3 Things you LOVE to eat

Oh gosh, this is a hard one! I'm a girl who just loves to eat.. But I guess I can try to narrow it down to three things I do love to eat and would want right now.

1. Panera Bread's Strawberry Poppy seed Chx salad! Did I mention I know how to make that salad by the way? Trust me I didn't just work at Panera bread to clean the bathrooms. I learned a little something too! 

2. Five guys Cheeseburgers.. Yes, I'm that kinda girl!

3. Ice cream... MmmmMMm! 

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Have a blessed Thursday Lovelies!!  
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Cathy said...

great pics

Amy said...

She will be crawling before you know it!

Priscilla said...


Angela Elsey said...
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Angela Elsey said...

she's absolutely beautiful! My daughter is also five months today :)

Danielle Wilson said...

Oh my goodness the fourth picture is my absolute favorite ah! So so precious:) You have such a beautiful daughter!

Sally said...

How cute is she??!! After 4 months it gets reeallly fun, I think! Love her expressions!! She will be army crawling before long, I bet!

Kjelse said...

Her expressions are so cute! And hilarious too!