Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips on losing The Baby Weight.

I have been asked by quite  a few women on how I lost all of my baby weight so soon. So I thought I'd write a blog post about it for all you  mamma's and pregnant mamma's!

1. Start out eating right. I know when you're pregnant there are times when you feel like eating everything in sight.  (At least, I know I did!) There wasn't a day that went by where I wasn't craving a Chick fil a Large Milkshake and a #1. Not a day! But I know the fat/bad sugars/ and calories content on those things were even crazy for a pregnant woman that is supposed to be gaining weight. So I forced myself to be disciplined and I chose one day of the week to eat my desire and that day was Friday. And let me tell you my friend, Chickfila tasted so much more better when I waited for it. And I didn't feel bad about eating it either!
I also recommend healthy snacking  if your craving ice cream substitute with frozen yogurt with strawberries! Or if you want something crunchy and salty like potato chips try eating lightly salted nuts instead and see if that satisfies your craving. And if your craving hot dogs try buying the better and more natural brand. & if you're pregnant you'll be starting your munchkin out on a healthy start!

2. Get moving. Working out was a major thing for me. I wasn't working so I had major time on my hands. But you can do a lot of things and get a good work out. Just be creative. I usually went for a walk daily in my neighborhood and occasionally took my bike for a spin. It was great! It was set aside for Jesus time and quality time with my baby. I really think she even liked walking in my tummy and to this day walking relaxes her.

3. Breast feed. Breast feeding was the thing that really brought me back to my normal weight!  When you're loosing 500 calories daily from breastfeeding alone. That can do the trick! It also saves you lots of $$$!!

I hope this little bit of advice helps! This sums up everything I did while being pregnant and after pregnancy. Don't forget ladies that no matter what you're beautiful, you're valued, and your cherished by Your Heavenly beloved! Heck you're a tiger. Go hear yourself roar! Haha!

 Three Things Thursday!!
Happy Thursday lovelies! Another day for a fun link-up don't you think??? :) Click here to join in all the fun!

Today's question for this link up is
"3 of your favorite movies"
1.  "Emma" with  Gwyneth Paltrow.   
  I love everything about that movie. The music,romance, the acting, the wardrobe, time period, and the comedy! Plus I love Jane Austin. I honestly think I could live in that century. (as a rich person of course!)   
2. LOTR!!  Call me a nerd but ever since The Lord of the rings trilogy  came out they have been my favorite movies! I'm always telling Leon that we need to get Elvish wedding rings with Elvin writings haha!

3. Star wars. Yep, I'm the proud owner of a Star wars shirt. I love all of them and was seriously disappointed that Star wars was sold to Disney. I just don't thing it's gonna work out. =/

What are your top favorites??? XOXO

Monday, May 20, 2013

Over coffee.

Love to you on Monday sweet friend! It's rainy here and it's defiantly a great day for two good friends who are in love  with Jesus to go on a date and talk about our main Man!

The One who holds our tomorrow in His hands and gives us hope everyday as He writes our future.

If I were having coffee with you today, I would share with you a book that is on my list called "The Believers Authority" By Andrew Wommack. I am so filled with the Holy Spirit as I read this book as Andrew goes deeper on who we are in Christ and the Authority we have in Him. We actually have the Authority to do everything Jesus did on earth. And that's exactly what Jesus wants us to do here on earth. Everything He did. He wants us to be love with skin on. To love those who are hard to love, to heal those who can't be healed, to raise those who are dead, to cast out devils and to be the light of the world! I believe with all my heart that when we know our identity in Christ and carry it with us we can really do all things in Jesus. And that makes a little devil terrified haha! Praise Him!!

 If I were having coffee with you today, I would ask you how you were doing?
I would ask "What has God been doing in your life?"  & I would ask if He has revealed anything to you about Him lately? He's so mysterious isn't He? A relationship is never boring with Him because as long as you keep spending time with Him He will constantly show you things. Things about Him, things about the future, past and present and He will even show you things about "you". I love how Jesus knows me more than I know me. He knows my name, my every thought, every word I have said, every thing I have done in my past. He knows everything about me and yet, He still calls me loved. He still loves me with a Love that can't be taken away, can't be decreased and obviously can't be hidden. I hope everywhere I go people see the Love of Jesus in me.
 You are loved more than you will ever someone who died to know you.

 His love is just something I can't get over. It's higher than the mountains that I face everyday, it's stronger than death itself and the best part IT NEVER FAILS, IT NEVER GIVES UP & IT NEVER RUNS OUT.
His love is forever. It's a cup that never runs out of living water. He's so High and Mighty.

Oh, can I get an Amen!?! 
  If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you how sad it makes me that people get so caught up in religion they don't take the time to really get to know the real Jesus. They get to know their religion, they swear by their religion and follow their religion and they put limits on God. It makes me sad because they think they know Jesus but they don't, they think they know His love but they don't. They know their religion.That's why I believe so many depart, they go astray because their not getting filled, their not satisfied. I believe they fall because they didn't know Jesus and who He was in the first place. That's why I believe it's our job to show them who He is! Who He really is. Because once you know who He is you're NEVER gonna want to leave Him again!

If I were having coffee with you today, I would tell you that I pray that Evelynne will know the love of Jesus and I really believe she does. Her and I will be worshiping together in the morning and I'll look over and see her smiling and being so joyous. I believe she was feeling the love of Jesus and worshiping Him in her own baby way. I'm just so looking forward  to watching her grow into the the lovely lady God has created her to be. I really believe that this little lady has the heart of David. A love for worshiping her main Man.I can't believe she's gonna be 6 months on Saturday! (HALF A YEAR AAHHH!!)
 You know. I really want to tell you this morning that Jesus loves you! He really does. And that He's here with you. And if you're going through something He wants to help you and make a way for you. Because He love and cares for you more than you know! 

He wants to make you a victor.
He wants you to have victory over your weakness and troubles.
He wants the mountains in your life to move.
He wants you to have joy and love.
He wants you to know that you're beautiful.
He wants you to know He cares.
He wants you to know that you are LOVED..

This is what I would tell you if we were having coffee today dear friend. I only wish and desire we were really having coffee in person. I would ask you if I could pray over something in your life. I would ask you if I could lay hands on you and command whatever is going wrong in your life to be made right again. I would command every fear to be gone, every doubt to cease, And every stronghold to be released. I wish I could do this in person but since we can't if you have a prayer request email me here and I would be happy to stand with you on something as we take it to the feet of our Heavenly Beloved together.

This is what I would tell you Lovely if we were joined together enjoying a warm (Or cold) Latte in the comfort of a coffee shop loving on Jesus together. What would you tell me?