Monday, November 18, 2013

365 days of Evelynne part 2

  Sorry for the extreme  over load of Pictures of this adorable little girl!!! I just had to fit them all in because next Monday there just won't be any space considering I will be blowing this blog up with certain pictures of a one year old! I honestly can't believe in just one week my baby girl will be one! I honestly feel like it's our biggest milestone yet and a major leap. Evelynne will be experiencing toddler hood. And I'll be experiencing motherhood with a toddler. So excited. :)

P.S So sorry I have been so distant lately!! God has been speaking to me a lot lately concerning this blog that involves some huge and major changes in my life as a blogger.. I'll explain some more soon. Real soon. Just bare with me won't you?  Love you all!