Friday, April 19, 2013

Coming up in May!!

Did I mention my Birthday is in May?? Whaaaaat?!? As My T Swift says "Ill be dancing like 22" (Literally!) I just heard that song this morning and It got me dancing. Apart of me is sad to let 21 go.  I guess because so many wonderful things have happened in my year of 21 candles. It was my first year being married to my best friend, my first year of being pregnant to my wonderful piglet (My nick name for Evie. She lovees to eat!) And getting to hold her for the first time. So many wonderful things! But I am also happy to say goodbye to 21 knowing that 22 will be better! It will be another year spent with my Mr. Riley (The sexy cop) And my precious baby girl. As I become a year older I'm excited to see what God is gonna do in the life of this 22 year old this year! :)

Anyways.. Did someone say "Link-up??? Oh wait, I did! Yeppers I will be starting my first Link-up coming up on my birthday May 1st which is on a Wednesday. If you are interested in Co-hosting Oh pretty please with sugar on top let me know!! :)  It's called "Mommy five"  I want to use this Link up to get to know you better and what mom doesn't wanna talk about their little angel right? So be sure to come back on May 1st to link up with me!! Xoxo

If you are interested in being my Swap Buddy for May. Email me at Heather.L.Riley[At]Gmail[dot]com. I'll hook you up :)


Sarah Nicole said...

OHHH how exciting!!! :D I would love to co-host! Also I REALLY need to make a button so we can swap!

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday!! Mine is the 16th:) I think may birthdays are just the best haha. Have a wonderful day:) Wish I was a mom so I could do the link-up haha:P