Friday, April 26, 2013

A name.

Hey lovelies, Don't you just love those nights when you can't sleep?! Why can't I sleep do you ask? Well, because I have a million things running through my mind... Well, one thing really!

These past couple of days I have really felt led to change the name of this blog.. Why? I honestly don't know. It's one of those things to where I just gotta say "Hey God, Let your will for this blog be my will." After all that's why I blog. I pray that His will be done on this blog and every aspect of my life as well. Because I know nothing I do is meaningful unless His beautiful hand is upon it. I just want Him to have all the glory. That's it!

So yea, that's pretty much why I'm still up this late at night... & by this late at night I mean 10:02 pm.. I've never been much of a late owl.. Though Owls are pretty cool!

But anyways, I just wanted to give all my readers a heads up of what's happening... I'm hoping to receive a name before Wednesday so I can have like a total blog makeover for my Birthday.. I don't know why but blog makeovers excite me! We shall see what the Lord has planned.

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