Friday, April 26, 2013

The Newlywed game {link up}

Today I am linking up with the beautiful  Karla and  Veronica   for the link up today!!
1.  What is the funniest thing your spouse has done? 
Oh gosh, He's done so many things that made me laugh until my eyes popped out (Not literally!!)
So, I'll just tell you a very memorable thing I will never forget! It was the Sunday after Leon and I were Married and He had to open the service with announcements and prayer. As he was doing the announcement he mentioned "So, as you guys know Heather and I were married on Friday... And the Lord said be fruitful and multiply WOOOHOO!!!   That is a moment at our church we will never forget.. I believe he put everyone in a laughing spell that day haha!
She married me. haha! 

2.  What is your idea of a good date?
I'm a very simple lady.. My idea of a good date is a coffee date. Going to a unknown coffee shop as we talk about our relationship with Jesus and each other. Holding hands while asking random questions in between like "If you could change your name, what would it be?" And after that going for a long walk as we watch the sun go down. With lots of pictures to follow after. #Hopelessromantichere!
A fancy date, with good quality quisine, expensive wine, quality time and  heart to heart conversations.
3.  What is your favorite memory of you and your spouse?
Probably our first date! It was wonderful! 
The honeymoon ALL the way. 
4.  What are some activities/hobbies that you and your spouse do together?
 We love to go on walks, watch hit TV series, and go out to dinner. :)
Yep, Heather nailed it!
5.  Why do think your marriage/relationship is successful?
Because God is and forever will be the center of it! Our relationship isn't successful because of us. In fact if It wasn't for God we probably wouldn't have been together in the first place.. Our relationship was founded on faith and with the help of our Main Love it will forever live in faith until we both go home!
Because of Jesus!! And communication..... And sex.
6.  What is your spouse's dream job?  Is he/she currently in it?
Yes, I believe so! Leon's dream job is whatever The Lord wants him to do. And for the time being it is a police officer. But later he wants to be a Pastor. It has been spoken over him his whole life. Though Leon and I both believe He's a pastor now.. It doesn't take a certificate to be a Pastor. It takes a man after God's own heart. He will definitely be Pastoring on the streets.
 A house wife and yes. :)
7.  What is the best gift your spouse ever gave you?
This may sound ewy goey to some but if I were to answer honestly, I would say himself.. And his whole self. Sex in Marriage is the best gift a man and a woman could give each other. I feel so upset when the media teaches otherwise.
Her Love.
8.  Where do you see you and your spouse in the next 10 years?
I see us doing a lot more ministry, being better off financially and Lord willing more kids. Triplets maybe??
Deeper in love with a much deeper groweth in the Lord! Triplets huh??
9.  Is marriage everything you expected it to be?  Is it much harder than you thought it would be? Why?
I was actually gonna do a blog post about this in the future! I still can I guess :) The answer is yes and no. Sometimes it's better than I thought it would be and other days I really miss the single years. When your married you have to be 100% selfless and  100%  sold out to love. Sometimes it's hard to let go of self and put on selfless.  Especially as a Police officers wife I am learning this. And Jesus is teaching me day by day to be the wife He wants me to be..But Leon makes being married  much easier! He's so easy to love! <3
It is what I expected. I expected there to be hard times and I expected there to be good times.  
10.  Who is your spouse's celebrity crush and do you look like them?
Haha Leon and I really don't have celebrity crushes. Back in the day I crushed on Leon so much I actually told him that in a text. "If you were a celebrity, You'd be my celebrity crush." Not that we don't find celebrities good looking at all. But honestly, I have not met anyone cuter than my man in uniform!  
Ha, I'm her celebrity crush! <333
Pictures of Leon and I during the early years of our courtship.. Leon's man handling my guitar. :)
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Sarah Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! Your husband doing the announcements-HILARIOUS!! I would've been sooo embarrassed!
Also I cannot wait for the link up on wednesday! SO EXCITED! :D

Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha funny story for number 1!
my hubby said honeymoon too! funny!
your husband's answer to number 5! haha perfect, just what I think my husband would say if he was more blunt.
7 truth!
yall are adorable! glad you linked up this week!

Bekah @ re·solve said...

I thought I already commented on this....maybe not. Anyway, I LOVE the new blog and what it has to say. Good for you. I really enjoyed your answers this week!