Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Clause.

 So, I have been asked lately considering it's Christmas time if I Leon and I were going to teach Evelynne to believe in Santa Clause. Now Leon and I both grew up without believing in Santa. And we both don't feel like we missed out on a Christmas exciting tradition. Yes, my parents had Santa Clause decor around the house (That honestly would creep me out a bit!) But they were always teaching us kids that Jesus was the real reason for the season. In fact on a majority of our gifts they would put "Love Jesus" to remind of us of His true gift.

Now, hear me out when I say I have NOTHING against parents who teach their kids to believe in Santa. Nothing at all. If you want to teach your child to believe in Santa as a parent that is your choice ;) I'm just speaking personal here.

For us, the choice has really come down to our relationship with Evie. We have and will always want her to know that we will teach her the truth. And that  the true meaning of Christmas is not about a white bearded man who lives in the south pole and loves cookies. But the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Who has come into the world to heal the sick,raise the dead, to bring joy and live into this world once again. Who sacrificed Himself on the cross for us. So that we may have everlasting life in His Magnificent presence. For Leon and I we believe that's magical enough. And that Jesus should have ALL the Glory at Christmas. And not have to share it with a man of imagination.  Some may think we're taking the fun out of Christmas for Evelynne by taking “Santa” from a child’s Christmas experience, but Leon and I  don’t see it or feel  that way at all! In fact, if taking Santa away from Christmas takes away the “experience” of it, then what are we really celebrating Christmas for anyway? What is the real meaning of Christmas to you?

We believe Jesus is forever the real reason for the season. And we want our daughter to know this her whole life. Not just when she's too old to believe in Santa.


Sarah Bryant said...

OHHH I love this and may have to steal it LOL Keep the great words of wisdom coming!!!!!! After all it is CHRISTmas :D

Heather Leigh Riley said...

Thanks for the encouragement girl! Love your Pic by the way gorgeous! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I don't get how you can ridicule the notion of Santa yet at the same time promote Jesus...

You say "white bearded man, who lives AT the south pole and loves cookies" because that just seems implausible, in fact comical, for it to be true of "someone". Yet a man "born of a virgin, who could turn water into wine and rose from the dead" sits fine? Do you not see the contradiction there? In fact if anything, Santa, is far LESS fantastical than Jesus.

"Man of imagination" surely Jesus could be classed as that too? If you really want to teach her the truth, then only teach her what you know to be true. There are probably some people in the world who vehmently believe in Santa and think he has "touched them, blessed them, they've been moved by his presence, has given the world life" and that convinces them he's true, clearly you'd dismiss that reasoning, yet you'd probably use equivalent reasoning to justify your claim?

Maybe it's better to wait and let her make up her own mind instead of pedalling something as likely as Santa, if all you're concerned about is truth.

I also think it's disingenous for you to place so much emphasis on truth because aren't you supposed to disciple your children? This makes you biased surely against what you can be certain is truth. And if you didn't disciple them, would there be any negative consequences for you? i.e. i.e. if even any part of the reason that you're teaching about God and Jesus is to avert bad judgement on you from God, then 1)Couldn't that be viewed as selfish and 2)It's inconsistent with truth

I'd love to hear a response from you... I hope I haven't been insensitive, didn't mean to be and don't think I have!