Thursday, May 9, 2013

These women in my life..

As we get closer to Mothers day. I've just been thinking of the amazing women God has put in my life that have been Mothers to me. He has put three women on this earth who have planted seeds in me, inspired me and shaped me into the woman I am today.. Ha, I guess He knew I needed three!
My Mom.. This is my mom, and I'm sure by the way she carries herself you can tell that we carry Native American in our blood. A lot of people tell me I have the meekness of my mom and I take that as a compliment. Anyone honestly who is sitting in a room with her for no longer than five minutes can agree that she is one of the sweetest ladies you'd ever meet! I'm very proud to call this woman my mom! She has such a loving heart.

She's my Naomi.
 This is the woman I was proud to adopt as my other mom when I married her adorable son Leon.
This lady is the best woman I could ever ask for in a Momma in law. (And not just because she surprises me with lattes. She has helped Leon and I so much in this last year of marriage and is also helping us a lot in this year of Marriage as Leon and I try to build ourselves up financially. She's also the reason I'm slowly developing a back bone when honestly, I think I was born without one! She is the lady I would never leave.

I stole and adopted this lady!

This lady right here in the middle is actually my Spiritual sister's momma. So, that also makes her my spiritual momma. She has done so much in my life Spiritually. She has helped me see how Jesus really see's me and not how I think He see's me. She has shown me my true identity in Christ. And God has used her so He could break the bandaging chains I carried for too long. We may not be related in any way physically but spiritually she holds a place in my heart as a momma! & she makes amazing "Love Frappes!"

These are my women, my momma's. These are women who I love and appreciate on this Mothers day.

Who are the ladies that hold a special place in your heart?


Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

This is so sweet! Mothers are the best aren't they? I just did a post on Motherhood as well, go check it out! Can't wait to see what else you're up to :)

xoxo Jamie

Allfitri Fitrii said...

sweet story, want to hug my mom now :)

Mandy said...

This is a beautiful post!!! Hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day.