Monday, February 25, 2013

We are daughters.

We are daughters of a King. Not just any King, we are the daughters of God! The Most High God. It's amazing to really meditate and think that God is delighted in us! We are the apple of His eye. We are daddy's girl. He is our very perfect daddy who does not make any mistakes, who will never give up on you and will always come to your rescue  when you cry out to Him.

Our earthly fathers may love and adore us, but their love is not perfect, no matter how great-or small- it is. Only the love of our Father in Heaven is perfect. Because He is love. He has formed our body, He has fashioned our mind and soul. He knows our personality, and He understands our every  need and desire. He loves us passionately and patiently. He knows and loves every hair on our head. He bought us with a great price so that we could have an intimate relationship with Him forever!

I have received God as my Father. He is my Abba and I am truly His girl! I remember one time I was just weeping, craving that fatherly relationship I have always desired. I desired that relationship for a dad always ready to hug you, go for walks with you, never turning you down,always showing you love, and holding you when you cry. I guess before I have never really saw God as the Fatherly type who gave great big hugs and held you when you cried..... Boy, I had it the most opposite! He is the perfect one for the job! When I was weeping I felt God pouring out to me a Fatherly love! Speaking to me and comforting me. I cried because I felt the love of my Abba!

Do you desire a relationship worth dying for? God loves you so much that He sent His only Son to die for you. So that you could be His daughter. Come to Him and He will show you the true meaning of Fatherly love!

“ I will be a Father to you,
And you shall be My sons and daughters,
Says the LORD Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18

Three Months

                                                     Three Months..

Three wonderful months of holding this little girl in my arms.

Three whole months of watching her grow, of praying with her in my our arms, excitement, tears, exhausting days & sleepless nights, smiles, endless diapers, new things, Pure joy,  stressful moments and uncontrollably pure love!

I can't believe just three months ago I was holding her in my arms experiencing the newness of holding my daughter for the first time. It was a moment I will never forget. I will always treasure our first experience's with Evelynne.

At three months Evelynne has been much more talkative,  smiles much more often, can grip toys, and has even laughed a few times! And on the 17th she rolled over for the first time!

She's so ready to be on the go. She's not even crawling yet and I still feel the need to catch up with her. She can almost push herself up with her arms, and she can  slug from one end of the blanket to the other when she throws her tantrums. I have a strong little girl on my hands!

I'm so excited to experience her crawling, walking,  first words and really just everyone of her firsts. But until then I will enjoy every moment with her while she does her seconds,thirds and fourths. I will never rush my daughter to grow up instead I want to enjoy and grasp every second and cherish it forever!