Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finally Fall Link up #1


So, as I was saying yesterday I was hosting a link up dedicated to my favorite season of the year. 

I guess blogging about it and reading about it  really gets me excited even more!  So why not start a link-up right?

So, today's question for you today is "What excites you for this fall?" Are you ready for 10 million answers to this? hehe jk! I will try to make this as short as possible for your convenience. And because I seriously don't have the time. 

And to link up you really don't have to answer the question. You can link up anything "Fall" related.. You are welcome!! :)

1. Probably one of the most exciting things there is as a new parent is witnessing your daughter experiencing new things. I'm so exciting for my baby girl to experience fall. Playing in the leaves, dressing up for Halloween, and going apple picking.. And did I mention the fall wardrobes they have out for little girls.. Oh man, I really can't go in side a begosh store without the intention of buying something.

2. Scarfs, big sweaters, leggings, boots say whaaaat? One of my favorite things about fall is the wardrobe.. I know I'm so weird! But really! Fall helps me feel cute and comfortable all at the same time without the worrying on whether your showing off too much leg.. Because Leggings do the job! I've been working on my fall wardrobe all summer because last fall I was pregnant and only had a couple of cute outfits and all I felt like being in were huge hoodies and sweats. I need to catch up this year.

3.  Pumpkin Spice lattes.. Need I say more here peeps? My mouth is tasting the goodness just talking about it! I want one right now soo bad!! A venti?? Sure!

4. I'm so looking forward to the chilly weather.. It excites me and gives me the extra motivation I need to cook. I love baking in the winter/fall time. It's so comforting. Especially soups. Man, I love soup and grilled cheese on a cold day! #Comfort food.

5. Apple picking.. I've always wanted to go and this fall may just be the year! It's my dream to go Apple picking with friends and family and than come back and make apple pies. Yummy!!

Okay, I kept my promise! I seriously have so much more things I love about fall but I will share it with you another time!! Oh btw... I'm getting a hair cut soon.. I'm trying something new so we'll see how it turns out. I'm aiming for a fresh fall look! And no, I'm not dying it orange and black! Close though! One of those colors will be in there somewhere. I wanna try and make an appointment for Friday but we'll see. :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Fact: This picture above was just taken yesterday!!

Excited yet? I know I am! Truth is, ever since mid  July took place. Fall fever has been hitting me.. Like really hard! Fall is definitely my Favorite Season Ever! It just is.. The chilly hoodie weather, leggins, huge sweaters, and boots, Pumpkin Spice lattes and frappes, chilly soup days, Halloween, apple picking, Bon fires.. Do I have you  going through your fall wardrobe yet?
 I have to say Fall officially hit me when I was on my walk with Evelynne yesterday.. We're starting to have that nice spring weather back. So it was nice. As we were walking I heard something wonderful. The sound of wind blowing dried up autumn  leaves.. "Wow already?" I thought. Though, this girl was not complaining a bit. I'm actually really excited! SOOOO EXCITED!
Because fall is coming I've been trying to introduce actual shoes to Evelynne when we go on our walks.. It appears she'd much rather wear them on her hands.. Love this girl!

With Fall starting to come back I am reminded of last year when Fall was near.. I remember thinking about how I'd be holding my daughter in less than four months, I remember how I was craving Pumpkin Spice Frappes like crazy and drank so many of them when they finally came out, I remember making Leon chilli for the first time.. Which he gave me two thumbs up on. So many memories and this fall We will have so many more now that we will be experiencing it with our precious daughter.
So, to celebrate this exciting season. I have decided to host a link-up for every Wednesday that's fall related.. It's only going to be for  a few weeks or until I run out of idea's.. So you are more than welcome to participate. :) It's going to start tomorrow! And the question I will be asking you is "What excites you about this Fall?" You can either answer this question  or link up anything fall related. It doesn't matter. I just love reading anything fall! See ya tomorrow.

                                                            Much love- Heather!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Life with my teething lil darling.

As some of you may know my Evelynne has been teething on and off for the the past month and it hasn't been easy.. Is teething ever? The other day was probably the worst yet.. Mainly because her and I were stuck at the house all week with it raining and we were both getting cabin fever.. Thank God for sister in laws that live with you and are offering you a ride to the mall.. Love that girl! So here are a few things we did this week to keep my little darling's mind of the teeth.
Evelynne enjoying her stroller ride and drinking her organic Greek yogurt smoothie. while Mama shops to get her her mind strait.  I told Leon ahead of time that money might and most likely will be spent today.. I do the money anyways but I seriously can't go without telling him whether or not I'm buying something.
FREE Venti!! Don't mind the bags under the eye balls.. I lack sleepeth.
Two of my most favorite finds.. (Mug at bed bath and beyond and book from books a million).. I have been wanting this book for a while because I heard it was awesome.. But for me spending money on myself  is something I always have a hard time doing. Especially since I got married and had a baby. But Jesus encouraged me to buy it and hey, you gotta have a cute little owl mug to sip your coffee or tea while enjoying the presence of Jesus.. :)
Evie finishing up her cheese snacks while watching her  Sign language.
Rain or shine.. We love to walk!

 What are some things you do with your little darlings to keep their minds off of teething?   could seriously use some advice if you have any. :) God be in your morning, loves! -Heather