Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

Wow! Is it just me or has this Summer really went by fast? I know that fall doesn't officially start until late September but I thought I would say my goodbyes early and get started on fall. Since Fall is the season I have longed been waiting for! But I did take the time to enjoy this Summer. It was my first Summer being married to my dearest beloved and also my first Summer being pregnant! So, Even though I didn't do too much this Summer it is still a very special one. 

1. Favorite summer memory  this year:  All those long walks with my husband and getting ice cream. Priceless memories. Sigh.. Exploring the romantic nature God has created with the man He created for me. There is just nothing like it! And of course Ice cream is a given. ;)

2. Things you will miss when Summer is officially ended: Flea Marketing,Yard sailing, Summer hats and the enjoyment of ice cream and fruit smoothies in 90 degree weather!

Some photo's from Summer!
What are some of your Summer memories from this year?  
Have a great Labor day weekend everyone!