Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Encouragement on ways to live a happy Marriage. (From the newbie herself)

It's so hard to believe that I have been married for almost two years now coming December 23rd.... Such a wonderful and memorable day. Because it was the day my best friend and I became one flesh.

This year in a half has been incredible! A season I wouldn't change for the world.

Yes, we had our up days and down days.

We had days where we were great financially and then there were days when money was just weird and I hated it!

We had days when we I was terrified to be a parent and then again all of our days we can't even comprehend the blessings  our child  brings us every day. Being a parent was always a calling on our lives, always a dream. We just didn't expect it to come true so soon and boy are we glad it did!

So during this year in a half of Leon and I being married, living together, making decisions together, committing together,  raising a life together, and loving each other. Here are a few things we live by that keeps our marriage a happy one.

1. God is fully the center of our Marriage.. We continue to work on not making any decisions without Him, We trust that He will provide and not money or jobs. And most important we have learned to seek God's love and affection more than each other. Because we both agree 100% that Jesus is much better at loving us and fulfilling our every desire more than we are capable and how can we even love one another if love itself (Jesus) isn't dwelling in our hearts? 
God is the center...
2.  Many people encourage the famous martial advice to give your 50% and let the other give their 50% but Leon and I fully believe that we need to give each other much more than 50% but 100%. We need to give our all to each other without the doubts and negativity of "I'm doing way more for my husband than he's doing for me"  Ladies, those thoughts are dangerous and can only lead to a stronghold on your marriage... Whenever those thoughts pop in the noggin throw them out and give your husband another 100% . If your spouse isn't giving you his 100% don't lash out on him or refuse to give him your loving.. Let God speak with your husband and correct him with wisdom.. You just keep doing your thing and you will be blessed. :)

3. Those who compare themselves among themselves are not wise.. So don't compare your marriage to another. That's mainly the only problem I have with romantic movies. It gives us women such an unrealistic romantic reality and influences us to compare our husbands to this Mr. Darcy. And it's not even just movies.. It can even be easy to compare our marriage to our the marriage of a friend, a "love story"  page on a blog, or even your expectations. Ladies lets just turn these negative thoughts away now in Jesus' Name.. Our weddings were amazing, our husbands our even better, and though our Marriages are not perfect we are right where we're meant to be and we are blessed beyond measure and God has a bright future for our Marriages! Doesn't that excite you wifey??
 Daily Bite [Say]: Don’t Compare Yourself via Theodore Roosevelt |
4. I'm so glad Leon and I took premarital counseling and I seriously recommend it to everyone.. One thing it has taught me is to "Communicate" Communicating my feelings in the past was always a struggle to me.. I was a go with the flow kinda girl a little to much and never spoke my opinion on anything.. But that quickly changed after I was encouraged that speaking your opinion (Especially to your husband) is a great thing and very important. I honestly think that's why sadly so many marriages break up these days..

"I think what we have here people, is a failure to communicate".

 So my husband would say. It's so important..I know if you have a husband who works all the time like mine.. (A police officer, in case you you didn't know) It's kinda hard to get a word in because their either sleeping or working. Night shifts are the worst! So God has given me the idea to write Leon a journal and put it by his nightstand.. Leon looks at it when he gets home or when he's off and then we talk about anything that's on our mind when he's off. Communication is key.

5. Circumstances happen. How will you handle them? One thing Jesus has really taught Leon and I is that we have control and power over our circumstances. Yea, things happen. Things that are not fair. But we have the power of the Holy Spirit to change them with our attitudes and words. So instead of having a pity party about how life isn't fair. We praise Jesus because we know that He knows the plans He has for us. Plans that will prosper us and give us hope. To God be the glory. 
All circumstances!

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Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

Love this!! Especially the no comparisons part... that's crucial!! Each relationship is unique... I have to remind myself of that often!