Tuesday, September 18, 2012

32 weeks!

This past month has went by like crazy! My Baby shower is next week. EEK Seriously I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun. I have been busy this month with moving things around, washing clothes, organizing, and also working on my list for "Ten things to do before our daughter comes into the world" I must say I have not yet completed anything on that list yet. =/ But I still have eight more weeks to go! I've been trying to self teach myself Piano by reading and watching instructions on Youtube.  I must say I don't know if it's my learning skills or what but it's not going very well at the moment. However, I'm not giving up! I am determined to play that instrument along with increasing my knowledge with guitar. I think my daughter will not only benefit from me learning but I will as well! And with Leon being at work most of the day I have some time on my hands. How is Leon doing with the Academy you ask? I have a post coming up about that! There is just so much to write about his experience and also my new experience being the wife of a Police trainee and soon to be Cop. He has been through a heck of a lot  past week and to be honest it was hard to watch some days. But every day is getting better. And I will have a story to tell in the next few days about this season. I'm trying to wait until I can get more recent pictures of Him but he's been too tired to cooperate.
But anyways back to our daughter. She has been kicking up the storm lately! Mostly at night and early mornings during my Devotionals. I was like "Man God, I guess I better enjoy these quiet mornings while I

Monday, September 17, 2012

Autumn excitement!

I know I have mentioned in my past posts about how excited I am for fall... Honestly, I was ready for fall since early August! But I held in that Fall excitement for the appropriate time. I think now is a good time to let it go.....
Sweaters, scarves, tights and boots - Oh how I love fall clothes!!!
Candy Apples- and just Apples in general.. I love Apples. And when they are dipped in caramel and nuts. Sigh..
Bon fires- YAAAY! My Parents have the best Harvest Bonfires. There is nothing like sitting next to a fire, snuggling with your man with a single blanket and eating Smoes! (I know they are actually called "Smores"  But I call them "smoes")
Pumpkin Spice Lattes/Frappes- Seriously. It's Fall in a cup. It has been my pregnancy craving for the past week! It smells heavenly with whip cream and cinnamon. =) Did I mention I had three of the frappes in the last four days? And one of them was a "Venti" =D