Wednesday, July 31, 2013

He is Willing to fill all your needs.

Only God is able to meet all needs, only God is able to heal, restore, deliver, and bring a person to wholeness! - Paula White

Friend, I encourage you today to trust and rely on God for every need and even want.. He wants to give you healing, He wants to give you wholeness, He wants to bless you financially, He wants all your needs to be met and He wants you to feel and know  His Love. But all He can do is give it to you. You have to be the one to receive it!

                        Receive His love and everything He wants to give you today friend.

                                                         It will change your life!

                                                         Much Love XOXOXO - Heather

Monday, July 29, 2013

The girl behind the blog// Encouragement.

Hey ladies! (and gents you're always welcome!)  I'm linking up here today with the beautiful AshleyNadine! And I'm so excited about it. This is my second time linking up and I don't know why it's only my second.. I'm always forgetting about it which makes me sad.. Anyways I remembered this  time!!
So these are the questions for today if you wanted to head over to these lovely ladies pages and link up.
Introduce yourself and your blog 
What is something that encourages you in the blog world? 
What is something that always encourages you in real life? 
                                        How do you go about encouraging the people you love? 

P.S Sorry if you can't hear me..I need a new camera because the video tech on my camera is slowly dying on me.. =( 

Email me at if your interested! I'm so looking forward to getting to know you. =D