Friday, June 7, 2013

The Newlywed game. Link up.


So, today is the very last Link up of the newlywed game! So head over to these lovely ladies Karla & Veronica to link up!

1. What would your spouse be happy doing for hours on end?
Watching me shovel snow. Cause I'm MR MUSCLES!!
Haha! I do love to watch my man hard at work ;) Leon loves to play video games. SO I would def say playing video games. NEEERRRD!! =)
2. If you had the money, what would you buy for your spouse today?
A big girl camera.
 I would buy him all of the  video games he wanted. 
3. What show is your spouse currently loving on tv?
Once upon a time.
We're both pretty sucked into "Once upon a time" At the moment.  :) 
4. What is your spouse's favorite (all time or currently) youtube video? Share it with us!

Heather laughs every time she watches this! She also loves utube videos involving babies.  Leon has loved this one from the beginning of time. It has always been one of his favorites! I've chosen this one because he's liked it for the longest. But he likes different video's at a time. He also really likes Rhett and link

5. Do you and your spouse plan on doing gifts for anniversaries based on traditions? Like the paper for one year etc.

Nope, We're not the tradition type.. We just go with the flow and buy things and surprise each other with things we know they want. 
Not really.. We really like to surprise each other when it comes to stuff like this.

6. How many kids does your spouse want? And if you could only have boys or girls 

which would your spouse prefer?

My wife wants at least 4 kids. And she would def want girls so she could dress them up all tutuish and stuff.
Around 3 or 4ish.. We also really desire to adopt one day.. Oh gosh I honestly don't know! 
7. Would your spouse want to live in the city, country or beach?
Country.. Most def. But she loves the water too!
I think Leon would really like to live in the city. But a very clean city where there was no trash to be found. He would also have to have a back yard. 
8. What is a book you and your spouse have read together that you would recommend to other couples?
The five love languages. Because it helped us in our relationship during Premarital counseling. It really helped us get to know each other to a new level and helped with the communication. :) 
Do I just have to mention one??? Well since Leon already recommended "Love language" I would say "100 questions to ask before you get engaged" It really helped Leon and I see what each other wanted in this relationship and helped it grow. 

For the ladies alone I also really recommend "What is He thinking?" By Rebecca St James. She gave me that book personally and when I read it I loved it! I wish I would have read it before I was even dating. :) 
9. What is your favorite engagement picture? Wedding picture?
 I love this picture when we through cake in  each other's face! It was classic!! =D

I couldn't just pick one! I had to pick two. There's this one because it was Leon's and my first kiss as a Married. couple. It was so wonderful!

 I will forever LOVE this one! Leon swept me off my feet and we almost ran over Pastor Joe! haha!
10. What is one piece of advice you would give to those dating, engaged and or newly married?
No sex till marriage fella's.  It's worth it! 
I would encourage them to know how important it is to keep Christ first always! In there dating relationship, engagement and Marriage. Because in each season there will be difficulties and Jesus is the only one who can give us the strength to overcome every situation. And also He's just Awesome! :) 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mommy 5 Link-up #2

Hey there! Welcome to the Mommy 5 Link up! This is Sarah's and my second link up and we're so excited to have you today..

There are no rules or obligations for this Link up. Sarah and I only request that you link up the actual questions we ask and not just a random post or your blog. ;)

You don't have to follow us to join in on all the fun. If you wanna follow us that's great if not that's fine too! I think I can speak for Sarah on this as well. We don't want to be followed for the sake of a Link up lol. We only want to be followed if you want to read all of the awesome blogs posts we have to share! Plus we love making new friends!!

It would be great if you would spread the word to get more people on this. More the better I always say! :)

My lovely preg friend Sarah came up with the question this week and the question is.....
What are 5 baby names you love?

1. Scarlett.. I honestly don't know why I love it. I guess it just sounds so lady like and proper ha! When I was younger I always wanted  it to be my name. I would love for our next daughter to be named Scarlett. But Leon likes "Ivory" Blah!!

2. Isaiah Lloyd. This name is a name that Leon and I both want to name one of our boys. The Lloyd part will be named after Our Pasor Joe Lloyd because He's such a Fatherly figure in both Leon's and my life. It would also be after my uncle Lloyd. He's always been like a Grandfather to me.

3. Malachi. Yes I'm the kinda girl who LOVES all of the unique Bible names. Some Bible names are just so strong and the meaning is so powerful. I can't help but to love them.

4. Tabitha. Tabitha in the Bible was a Prophetess. That may be why I love the name so much. I would totally name my daughter this..... But Leon says no. :(

5. Alana. I just love the name and meaning. Again I would totally name my baby girl this!!

Sooo... What are your top 5 baby names?? We'd love to hear from you!

And in case you need your day to be made I decided to post a little video that made mine. Here's proof that Babies are blessings. I just can't stop smiling at this girl!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

He really loves you!

 There's a song I know very well that I keep close to my heart. It starts out "He is jealous for me
Love's like a hurricane,I am a tree Bending beneath the weight of  His wind and mercy When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great your affections are for me".

This song is more real to me today than it has ever been. I understand this song, I know the love of my sweet and precious Jesus. These aren't just words to me. These are  truths from My Heavenly beloved.

My dear friend, may I encourage you and love on you today?
It makes me sad. It makes me sad when I see dear sisters not feeling cherished or loved, it makes me sad when they look for that kind of satisfaction in men and the turn out is not what they expected and in return they end up feeling even worse than they did before. 

My dear sister, I want  to encourage you and tell you with the greatest love I have in my heart that you will not find what you desire and what you need on this earth. You will not find the satisfaction you oh so desire in a man of the world or even a man of God. The hope you look for, the love you desire and the perfection you seek. There is only One who carries it. Only One. And boy does He want to get to know you! You are all He thinks about babe. In fact He can't get you off His mind.  His Name is Jesus. Would you like to meet Him?
Before you shut me out, try to shut me up and have a complete melt down on me. Listen. He's not what you think and He's certainly not what many have led you to believe. They probably have told you that Jesus is judgmental and hates people who don't obey Him, You've probably heard that He's a punisher and is just waiting to strike you down and waiting for you to do something wrong. You've probably also heard that He isn't even real. But let me tell you He is real, very real! And what the world says of My Jesus isn't true at all. In fact. He's the complete opposite!

He doesn't come to condemn. He comes to save.
He brings Life and Life more abundantly.

And girl, If you have ever questioned The Love that this Man upstairs has for you. Read Psalm 139. Now that's a love letter.
Did you know that not only does Jesus love you. He loves you enough to die for you! Did I mention He did? It was the only way we could be saved and become His bride. It was the only way we could be united with such a perfect bridegroom. He left His throne and came down to our level and died a horrible death so that we could forever be with Abba!

You see, I was a sinner once. I did all that and who knows what else. I was that girl, That girl who was nothing, not worthy to anyone. But Jesus found me and gave me His hand. He helped me up and carried me to a place that was safe. He covered me in royalty. And then He introduced me to His Father. King of all, Lord of Lords. And His Father adopted me as one of His own and I am no longer called a sinner of the world. But I am now a daughter of Christ. God is now my Father and my Sweet Jesus is my Heavenly Beloved. And you know, He wants to do the same for you! I can't tell you how my life has changed for the better! I have had a love encounter so incredible that there are days when I can't even move or speak.Because His presence is just over taking! My friend I want you to have this same experience. And Jesus wants you to as well.

 Maybe you're feeling lonely, Maybe you've done something that you feel that there is no going back to before, maybe you don't even know who God is and you've always known Him as somebody who didn't like you. Or like me maybe you just didn't find yourself worthy of Jesus, maybe you think of it to be impossible for Jesus to even think of you.

Well, girl let me tell you that you are never off His mind. You were on His mind the day He created the earth, To the day He died on the cross for you, to the day He arose again, and to this day YOU are on His mind and He doesn't want you to go another day without you knowing who He really is. There is nothing you could ever do to make Him not love you! Nothing. Because He sacrificed it all, His own life so that everything you have done in the past, the present and the future could be as though it never happened. He so desires for you to see yourself the way He sees you!

So my friend if you want to experience  His love. His amazing Love. Pray for a love encounter at this moment you are reading this. Speak to God, share your heart with Him and just be silent and worship Him. Let Him save you and just wrap yourself around His love as you listen to this powerful love song.

If you need prayer, or just some words of encouragement please email me I would love to hear from you. Be blessed sisters! Xoxo
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 Mama's out there!! Come join Sarah and I for our Mommy 5 #2 Link up tomorrow! After tomorrow we are excited to do this Link up every other Wed. Yay!! Sarah has come up with the question for this week and this weeks question is "What are your 5 top favorite  baby names?"  And we promise we're not asking you this so you would accidentally give away the name of you little blessing you're carrying.. Even though I wouldn't mind because ya'll are driving me cray cray for not letting us know ha!  We just like to hear your favorites and unique names! Who knows maybe somebody is still seeking a name for their wee little lad or lassie and finds your blog and there it is!! A name you picked is chosen for their little person.. (Yes clearly I am thinking too much of this!! Any who be blessed you lovelies and I so look forward to seeing your answers. Spread the word. :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Over Coffee.

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you how excited I am to be with you today and how I am very in need of a good chat!
I would  ask how you were doing? And ask what your plans for the summer are? I would tell you I haven't been to the beach in over a year. And I'm feeling very beach deprived right now. I really miss it. The waves, the sand, board walk and those famous board walk fries Ocean city is famous for. Yes, I plan to go all out when I finally go there. "LG fry and the biggest Ice cream cone you have please!"

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you that being a wife of a police officer is much harder than it looks. I miss my husband so much! When he's not working he's sleeping and when he's not sleeping he's working. It's tough! But I'm so glad that I have the love of Jesus to get me through. Him and I are best buddies. After all He was and is still my main Man. Way before my beloved Leon even came into the picture.

Church yesterday was such a powerful service. I have been asking seeking God harder than I even have and just desiring our intimacy to go to the next level. I want God to use me for His glory to do powerful things. To witness the sick being healed, the dead being raised, and the dry bones to be filled with living water. I want to hear the voice of God  more clear. As clear as you and I talking over a coffee date. I want to be that sensitive to Him, I want Him to be able to ask of me to do something and without a doubt to do it. I have been wanting to encounter the Love of God to a deeper level. And it happened yesterday.

I have never felt a love encounter so deep as the one I felt yesterday. It was as if electricity entered my body and just filled me. I was so shaky and even teary eyed as they were playing "There is Power in The Name of Jesus". Something came over me. It was the Love of Jesus. Just when I was just getting myself together. Our Pastor (Who was full of fire) told me  "The Lord knows what  you have been seeking and He wants you to know that you have it!" Yep, I lost it there! Mascara, eye liner it was gone. I busted out in tears and no body was there except for me and my sweet Jesus. Things are going to change in my life. And I can't wait to see. Jesus and I are on a new adventure!
 If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you how much I can't believe my baby girl is actually growing up! In one week my sweet Evelynne did two big things that seriously made my week! She not only slept two nights through the night! (Can I get a amen?!) And if that didn't excite me enough she started crawling!! Her first major step of independence! Apart of me just wants to hold her in my arms for forever. <3 But you know, then I would be missing out on everything. Every new thing this girl has been doing is my highlight of the week. 

If I were having coffee with you today. I would tell you that this season has probably been the hardest on my marriage. The cop life has been really messing with Leon. And we're struggling. But I know God has a plan and He told me to be at peace. And tonight I am at more peace than I have had in a while.We are supposed to be going on a long needed date this week so I'm so looking forward to a short get away with my man.
 This is what I would tell you my dear friend if we were having coffee together. What would you tell me beautiful? Be blessed XoXoXo

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