Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mommy 5 Link-up #2

Hey there! Welcome to the Mommy 5 Link up! This is Sarah's and my second link up and we're so excited to have you today..

There are no rules or obligations for this Link up. Sarah and I only request that you link up the actual questions we ask and not just a random post or your blog. ;)

You don't have to follow us to join in on all the fun. If you wanna follow us that's great if not that's fine too! I think I can speak for Sarah on this as well. We don't want to be followed for the sake of a Link up lol. We only want to be followed if you want to read all of the awesome blogs posts we have to share! Plus we love making new friends!!

It would be great if you would spread the word to get more people on this. More the better I always say! :)

My lovely preg friend Sarah came up with the question this week and the question is.....
What are 5 baby names you love?

1. Scarlett.. I honestly don't know why I love it. I guess it just sounds so lady like and proper ha! When I was younger I always wanted  it to be my name. I would love for our next daughter to be named Scarlett. But Leon likes "Ivory" Blah!!

2. Isaiah Lloyd. This name is a name that Leon and I both want to name one of our boys. The Lloyd part will be named after Our Pasor Joe Lloyd because He's such a Fatherly figure in both Leon's and my life. It would also be after my uncle Lloyd. He's always been like a Grandfather to me.

3. Malachi. Yes I'm the kinda girl who LOVES all of the unique Bible names. Some Bible names are just so strong and the meaning is so powerful. I can't help but to love them.

4. Tabitha. Tabitha in the Bible was a Prophetess. That may be why I love the name so much. I would totally name my daughter this..... But Leon says no. :(

5. Alana. I just love the name and meaning. Again I would totally name my baby girl this!!

Sooo... What are your top 5 baby names?? We'd love to hear from you!

And in case you need your day to be made I decided to post a little video that made mine. Here's proof that Babies are blessings. I just can't stop smiling at this girl!
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