Friday, April 19, 2013

Coming up in May!!

Did I mention my Birthday is in May?? Whaaaaat?!? As My T Swift says "Ill be dancing like 22" (Literally!) I just heard that song this morning and It got me dancing. Apart of me is sad to let 21 go.  I guess because so many wonderful things have happened in my year of 21 candles. It was my first year being married to my best friend, my first year of being pregnant to my wonderful piglet (My nick name for Evie. She lovees to eat!) And getting to hold her for the first time. So many wonderful things! But I am also happy to say goodbye to 21 knowing that 22 will be better! It will be another year spent with my Mr. Riley (The sexy cop) And my precious baby girl. As I become a year older I'm excited to see what God is gonna do in the life of this 22 year old this year! :)

Anyways.. Did someone say "Link-up??? Oh wait, I did! Yeppers I will be starting my first Link-up coming up on my birthday May 1st which is on a Wednesday. If you are interested in Co-hosting Oh pretty please with sugar on top let me know!! :)  It's called "Mommy five"  I want to use this Link up to get to know you better and what mom doesn't wanna talk about their little angel right? So be sure to come back on May 1st to link up with me!! Xoxo

If you are interested in being my Swap Buddy for May. Email me at Heather.L.Riley[At]Gmail[dot]com. I'll hook you up :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday.

 three things Thursday
3 Things you wanted to do/be when you grew up.

1- I wanted to be a Country singer.  I always used to sing in my bedroom pretending I was on a huge stage.. (Typical homeschooler right?) But this desire was only for a short while because I realized if I was a singer I wouldn't be able to be a stay at home wife and a homemaker.. haha!

2- A wife and momma. Yes, I was the type of girl that was looking for qualities in a husband at a young age. And carried baby dolls everywhere! 

3- A counselor.  I've always loved helping people. Especially the younger generation of ladies. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life lately.

 Last week has been really crazy!! From packing, from moving to not moving, and from moving rooms. But before I get all caught up on talking about the drama of last week. I must give a great huge shout out to my little love! Who only woke momma up once last night! Love you pumpkin poo!
We're moving!!! Jk, no we're not.. It turns out it's in God's wonderful plan for us to live in this Townhouse for another half a year to a year. Who knows?? 

You see the week before the move we all felt a great discomfort about the move. At first I was all excited! But the last week it all changed. I actually was a little   freaked out by the whole thing.. With all the money we had to come up with within a months time and the down payment was crazy... I also had a discomfort with the house itself.. I wasn't in perfect peace along with the rest of the family and that wasn't cool!

So we all decided that if we find something wrong with the walk through we won't even get it and boy was there stuff wrong with this house (like alot!)

From leaky drains, clogged drains, holes in the walls, rotten basement doors and stained rugs. This house was not put together. We did see all these signs before but we put our "caution sign" aside and wanted the house and not just because there was a huge pool in the back yard!  The Realtor said it would have been done by the "walk through" but it wasn't. Which made me quite frustrated. And did I mention there wasn't a washer  or dryer? (That's a kinda important thing to put in a house for "us" renters.)

Anyways so we decided to talk with the realtor about our many concerns with this house. He said  "The rugs would be clean but the rest of the house would be our responsibility."  My exact thoughts were "Saay whaat?? This guy be cray cray". Literally!

We're renting not buying.. I personally think it shouldn't be the renters responsibly to clean and supply all those things if there just renting. Especially when their paying twenty two hundred a month.

Anyways, as you can imagine we declined big time! It was definitely God's way of saying "The time is not right" So we are staying in our townhouse for another year. And to make more room, Leon and I have taken over the basement, So Evie has her very own room  upstairs. :) We are all very happy and finally at peace..
For everything there is a season, right? <3

Here are some things that happened last week. :)
Evie & I enjoying a lovely walk at  86 degrees
Evie finally meeting her other cousins <3
She's sitting up half way!
Trying juice for the first time!
Enjoying another walk.

Have a great night lovelies! Xoxo