Friday, October 25, 2013

Evelynne at 11 months.

Yes, you read those two little numbers on that pumpkin right. Evelynne is eleven months today!!

Which means she only has one more month to go until she reaches the early stages of toddler hood.

It means that this will be her last monthly photo shoot.. Scratch that! I may just take these monthly shoots until she's old enough to tell me how she really feels about my obsession with capturing memories with photo's. But who knows she may love it!! She has the cheesy smile for it.

It's so unreal to me that my daughter is a month away from being the big one!! O.N.E. This has been one incredible year and the best year of mine and Leon's life by far. We can't even describe how blessed abundantly we are to have such a wonderful baby! She is our gift, our treasure.

And one of the ways I will be celebrating Evelynne's one more month of still being a baby I decided to start a series about the first year of Evelynne's life.. It will contain some old posts, poetry I have written to her, stories, and some letters.. And did I say lots and lots of pictures!?!?! Prepare yourself... :)

At 11 months Evelynne is:
-Saying "dada" and "up" (Still waiting for "mama"!!!)
-Understands the words "no" and "Bye bye".
-Playing peek-a-oo.
-Playing chase.

Evelynne loves:
-Her Mr Giraffe, Teddy and Sophie the giraffe.. She loves all stuffed animals but those are her favorites..
-Bananas!! This girl goes bananas for bananas. She can't get enough of them. Which I'm not complaining. I'd much rather her love banana's than something she really shouldn't eat.

-Dogs.. She developed a new love for dogs. Unfortunately we can't get one with the place we're renting right now.. One day in the next few year's we'll have to get her one.

-TV.. Her favorites are Veggie Tales, Mickey Mouse and Harry The Bunny.

-Leaves.. Every time we go for a walk she has to hold one in each hand.. It's so darn cute!

Weight: I'm guessing she's around 20lbs by now.

Food: This girl usually eats anything and everything I put on her high chair but for the last couple of days she has refused to eat most things.. Just chicken, cheese,banana's, peaches and snacks. Today I finally got her to eat a English muffin with peanut butter so that's working. She's also throwing food now. fun! Every time a piece of food falls on the floor all I see is this racing through my mind $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.. Crazy I know..
I just gave the last bit of baby food I had to a friend because Evelynne won't touch the stuff anymore. Now that she has the real stuff she no longer wants Puree's so I just cut up fruit, and a sandwich for her and she's happy! I still nurse her anywhere from 2 to three times daily. And after her Birthday party we'll try to start weening her.. It's bittersweet for me.

Sleeping: Through the night still yay!! She goes to sleep anywhere from 6:30- 7 and usually wakes up around 6:30 the next morning. though these past couple of days it's been 5:30.. Whats up there, little munchkin?? I'm just happy she's sleeping through the night.

Memories: Evelynne is now starting to cuddle with me finally!! One of our new morning routines are laying on the couch together and watching TV.. So simple and yet, so cherishing! She is also getting really good at giving kisses on her own.. I love it!

Going to the pumpkin patch was so much fun!! Her favorite part was the animals for sure and the pumpkin.. She didn't want to let it go.. With husband working all the time it's hard to schedule family time in sometimes. But when it happens it makes family time that much more special!

Evelynne experienced her very first Fall bonfire goodness at her cousins 3rd Birthday party.. It was so much fun and everything was so perfect. Evelynne loved the fire and the food as well.
clothes: Evelynne is wearing anywhere from 12 to 12-18 and 18-24.. Lots of fall clothes!! :)

Mama: Feeling great!! Still somewhat in shock that Evelynne will be one soon.. But I'm enjoying every minute and forever will! Starting to get baby fever but I'm hanging in there.. Leon and I have talked about waiting until we hit our two year anniversary.. Until then I will have fun loving on my baby as long as I can.

Daddy: Leon and Evelynne have developed a stronger bond in the last month. Leon has been working so much lately so when he's off he really tries to make it about us! He's wonderful. Last Saturday he took Evelynne on a walk by himself for the first time ever and my heart was so warmed. She even calls for him when he's not there and tries to follow him when he goes down stairs and whenever she sees him she greets him with an ear to ear smile!  Is she slowly becoming a daddy's girl?

Dearest Evelynne,
Words can't describe how much we love you! You are so wonderful and amazing.
God has shown favor on us by blessing us with you. We couldn't have a more perfect baby.
You have made our family complete! We love you!

Here are some of my most favorite video's of her this month.. I just wish I could video tape her 24/7! Can't get enough of this girl!

1. Evelynne laughing at me dancing around like a crazy person!// 2. She's a walker folks!// 3. Our future worshiper// 4. She had enough stroller time.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Evelynne's first pumpkin Picking

The other day we took Evelynne to the Pumpkin patch to pick out her first pumpkin. She absolutely loved it there.  I'd have to say the animals were her favorite part! She's an animal lover for sure minus the loud geese.. Which I don't blame her for that. I never liked them either.

Monday, October 21, 2013

A woman by the name of Sarah Teal.

If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would meet one of my closest friends sister's on the internet I would have told them "naaah"  For two reasons.. I never looked at the internet as a place to make friends and I honestly didn't even know there was a blogging community.. I wasn't even interested in Facebook at first until I found our a crush of mine had one..   I really enjoyed having 24/7 Leon access to see his face whenever I wanted on Facebook.. Anyways back to this girl..

I honestly didn't see such a strong, powerful relationship coming. Especially through blogging.  But Jesus did and He said it was very good! Even better I just know He has a plan for our friendship and that it's gonna do amazing things beyond our imagination in this blogging community.

Our friendship started with something as simple as a sweet comment! And some of the things we have in common. Things keep adding to the list every day by the way! Honestly things no longer surprise us. We even think alike sometimes.. Twins separated at birth??
Sarah Nicole said...
Hi Heather!
I'm you're newest follower! LOVE you're blog. You remind me a alot of myself-especially with your stance on abortion. TOTALLY with you there! Can't wait to follow along! :)
PS. Your little girl is so adorable!
Have a blessed day!
Heather Leigh Riley said...
Hey girl, So glad to hear from you!! Your blog is precious. And congrats on your precious baby!