Tuesday, September 3, 2013


and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My name’s sake and have not become weary.  Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. -Revelation 2:3-4

 I want to encourage you today to never forget your first love.. This is a verse The Lord had laid on my heart lately. It's pretty deep if you ask me. 

You know, living the life we live, the fast mode we're used to, and the blessings that have become so ordinary to our sight. We often forget about Our first love.  Especially in the busyness of  day. 

Sometimes we don't even realize that we have forgotten the most important One in our life, The One that completes us, The One who is constantly waiting for us to draw near to Him so He can show us the things unseen, The One who calls us "Beloved". 

And that is why I believe the rate for divorce is high, Mama's are burned out and feel a loss of patience,  Ladies in waiting are done with waiting, and ministries aren't ministering. 

Darlings , right here.right now. Lets dedicate our lives once again to the One who first loved us. 
Lets remember that it's only the love of Jesus that can complete us.

My Married sisters, Let us stop seeking  the love and perfection from our husbands that is impossible for them to give you. Lets stop giving them our one hundred percent just to expect one million percent from them. Because truth is we are never going to get a million percent from them and sometimes we may not even get that one hundred percent.
But let that not determine our unfailing love for our husbands. Let us love our husbands like Jesus loves us! And let us remember that the most important thing in marriage isn't to serve each other. It's not to cater each others every need. It's about living your life working together as a ministry, sacrifice, and to serve the One who can fill our every need

My mama's, Lets not forget to get some Jesus time in before the day starts.. Meet Him in the morning of the day before the little darlings get up.. Lets give Him the first of what we are so He can give us the first of who He is! Let His love over power us so we can share that love with our children as we continue to plant seeds in their life that will stick with them forever.  I'm telling you it's much better than a cup of coffee! 

My single sisters, I know sometimes it's hard to wait.. You want to be loved, cherished and cared for by a man. And Jesus knows and understands and He's bringing you your promised one. But until then let Him continue to romance you and draw you closer to Him.. Choose Jesus to be your Beloved, your main Man, your Everything. Because it is only Him who can and wants to fill your every need and every desire. 

And to all of my sisters in Ministry, Whether it's blogging, across country, in the church or even in the home. Let us remember to not be so soaked up and focused on serving God that we forget about Him. Let us not be so focused and busy preparing things that we forget to include God in the midst of it all. I believe that's one reason why the Church isn't reaching, healing and ministering. We're so focused on schedule and plans and running around like a crazy person that we forget to sit down sometimes and just love on Jesus and let Him be the ministry.

So my sisters, my friends. Today let us be reminded and never forget His unfailing love that's captivating.
Let us never forget our first Love during the craziness of our lives but instead run to Him. The One who can turn it into something beautiful and peaceful once again.

My beloved by Kari Jobe on Grooveshark


Amy said...

This was SUCH a beautiful post, and truly spoke to my heart! Thank you for this sweet, gently, humbling reminder.

Patty said...

This: Let us stop seeking the love and perfection from our husbands that is impossible for them to give you...spoke to my heart!! I think i am starting to realize that the love I lack to show myself, I automatically expect to be perfect all the time from my husband...thanks for he gentle reminder:)

scrapperjen said...

Sniff....thanks for sharing this beautiful post! You made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Darcy said...

This is a great and so true post! It is hard to always remain focused. I am getting very excited because my boyfriend and I are starting to go to church together and grow in our faith as a couple. It is so fun to make it a new Sunday tradition!


Rachel Marie Brown said...

Ummm... 1. I love this song by Kari. 2. this last line..we forget to sit down sometimes and just love on Jesus and let Him be the ministry.

SOOOOO good.

Fan for life. ;)


Ceil said...

Hi Heather! Beautiful words today. So happy that the Lord gave you something to think about, and then you share it will all of us.

You are so right about giving 100% and expecting so much more from our spouses. I do that all the time! Way to stop me in my tracks and confess that. Time for a change.