Friday, May 31, 2013

At the moment I am.....

Loving: That my sweet baby girl took over an hour nap today. She had a play date today with one of her new friends Charles. (Strangely all of her friends are boys...) It was really nice to take an hour to refresh, and do some reading and writing and it was really nice to have a well rested baby. :)
 Reading:  Revelations I have felt led recently to start reading it and it's starting to become one of my favorites because it's very prophetic! I'm also reading Andrew Wommacks "A Believers Authority" And Elizabeth George's "A mom after God's Own Heart" And also I've just started "Desperate" by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. :)

Learning: To give Jesus my life to the fullest. Lacking nothing and giving Him everything until there is nothing left of me! I want my life to be all about Him and I want this life I live to be for the glory of God alone!
Trying to: Start vlogging but the days just pass by so fast I feel as though I don't have time.. But soon I will make time! It's something I'm really feeling led to do.

Wishing: I knew how to make a button with a grab box.. I'm still trying to make one after trying a million times haha! Somehow instructions haven't been working for me quite yet lol
Excited for: Life and everything God has planned for this life I live. Experiencing Evelynne grow into the woman God has created her to be, watching her worship Jesus and leading people into such a deep Worship something I knew she would do since I was carrying her, I'm excited to see where God is going to take this blog, my writings, and my dreams, excited to be married to my husband for the rest of my life. I'm excited to live life to it's fullest. To God be the glory!


Carla said...

Very beautiful photos!

Children napping so you can have some "me-time" is always a joy! I know I enjoy it.

I've wanted to do a vlog for some time now but never know where to start or what I want to talk about. And not to mention, I never seem to have the time when I actually have something to say before a camera. I'll get around to it, I guess.

You know, I've recently found peace with many situations that had been troubling me. I'm learning more and more to trust fully in God. Sometimes I get so caught up in things that I worry and stress far than one could even imagine. But, I'm learning to give it to God and trust that he'll calm me.

Great post!

*visiting from Lovely Blog Hop*

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