Monday, May 27, 2013

Half a year

I can't believe my little love is half a year old! Six months on Saturday. I know I say that every month, but this month is taking it to a new level well, because she's half a year old!

 It's been half a year of cuddles, laughing and unconditional love. I honestly never thought I could love a little person so much. It's so easy. I just love her so much. and this little one is always on my mind. Even after a tiring day I still long for her after she's sleeping on her tummy with her bum in the air, sucking her little thumb. My heart longs to be with her and cuddle with her a little more.Because I know she's growing and that will never stop. She won't always be relying on me for everything, or even want to sit on my lap and cuddle. I will miss it dearly but I am very excited and blessed that God has given me the opportunity to watch this little girl grow.

At 6 Months Evelynne is:
Sitting up perfectly.
Gives kisses (Sometimes)
Babbling much more often.
Standing on all fours and almost crawling which turns into jumping with all fours. (Eventually she'll get to where she wants to go. 
Eating more and more solids including small pieces of actual food.
Laughing at everything.
Loving to be read too!

Evelynne growing up has become a deeper  reality when we met our little cousin for the first time! Evelynne looks like a giant compared to little Miss Natalie! To think that 6 months ago I was holding Evie that size.
Photo: Look how big my Evie is compared to her little cousin?? It's just a reality that they really do grow up!  Loving the get together with my ladies, Panera Bread, and four little munchkins! ;) Melony Leidner
Happy 6 Months beautiful! God has blessed us abundantly. <3


Holly said...

Evie looks so big next to her little friend!

jackie said...

Lpve these,pics so adorable

esta said...

She has soooooo much personality!

Suz said...

Aww she is so cute!!

Ann said...

Oh my! Time flies. Your photos are FABULOUS! Evelynne is such a beautiful baby. I miss all of you.

Alli said...

Wow! Six months! She's getting so big! In a month and 1/2 I'll be there with my little one! I may cry on her half birthday. I love the pictures!!

Melanie B said...

those pictures are beautiful!! i can totally relate, i never knew i could love another so much until my daughter arrived. i miss her when she's asleep :)


Heather, She is so BEAUTIFUL !!! What a precious blessing. Happy 6 Months Evelynne. They do grow up so fast, You will always cherish all the quality time spent together. That is the most important thing a child remembers. Love you, Thank You for joining my blog :)

Sarah Nicole said...

Girl, you are so pretty!

And as always Evelynne is a little doll! :)