Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A delivery that took place 6 months ago.. Part two

These last couple of days felt like weeks. I wanted to meet my daughter and I no longer wanted to wait!
And Saturday finally came along. It was mine and Leon's last day to ourselves and we quite enjoyed it. That's a bonus about having an induction because you know without a doubt your baby's coming that day you planned.

That night Leon and I were watching a Disney movie. I was actually going to the bathroom to put on something sexy for one last round before baby. But as I did that a bunch of blood appeared. I guess you could say I was pretty freaked out at this moment.

I ran and grabbed Leon and we called the hospital. And of course they told us to come in right away!

After they checked to see if everything was okay they figured out I was in a early stage of labor. So they gave me two options. 1. Go home take a bath and come back tomorrow or 2. Get things started tonight and have a baby by morning. And of course my answer was 2. I didn't wanna go home empty handed!

It was a long night. Full of pain, hand grabbing, epidurals, shots, and the feeling of wanting to scream. All I wanted at this point was a warm bath. But that wasn't going to happen. But even though I was in more pain that night then I have ever experienced I was more joyful and excited than anything. I was gonna meet my daughter very soon, the little lady I have been waiting for. This is the moment I have been dreaming about.

Finally around 9:00 Am I was ready to push! I started pushing around 9:10 and we had a beautiful baby girl at 9:45 pm..

She was finally here and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Every hair on her head, her toes, fingers, her birth mark on her back. Everything. Anybody who says they don't believe in love at first sight has never been a parent. Because when my eyes first saw this little angel my heart was filled with only love.


Laura Darling said...

So precious! She looked perfect right from the start!

Mariel Collins said...

I am so glad i found your blog! I love meeting God fearing women!

Carla said...

These pictures are adorable! (:

Christa Rupar said...

She really is adorable! I love birth stories, everyone always has a unique experience! Thanks for linking up to Instagram Thursday!--Christa,

Sarah Benson said...

What a beautiful story! I would have not been able to be calm if someone had hit my car on my side while being pregnant! Loved your birth story!