Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A delivery that took place 6 months ago..

One thing I have learned and accepted from Motherhood is that things never go as planned. At least not all the time. My labor and delivery went totally different than I expected. And life ever since has been unexpected (Like today when Evelynne decided to pee all over her changing table before I could get her diaper on.) Yep, One unexpected beautiful life!

Did I mention I was almost three weeks late before they finally decided to induce me!? Yep, wasn't expecting that! haha. Anyways here's the story of when our precious angelic baby girl was born into this world.

Evelynne's original due date was November 9th 2012. And when that day came and went without a sign of labor or even pressure I was discouraged. I think I even cried. They say your baby is never born on the estimated Birth date but I think secretly all us mom's are hopeful. At least this Mama was!

So, time went by and went by. I got so desperate I drunk that oil stuff that's supposed to soften your cervix.. Boy I was that desperate and still nothing! I drunk raspberry tea daily and even tried that oil more than once.

Normally I'm a really patient person. But I was seriously trying to rush things because I had planned on giving birth to Evelynne at a medical center instead of a hospital. The medical center was the closest thing to a home birth we could find. The rooms even looked like a bed room with a big tub that I was going to use for a water birth. I had my room chosen, went on all the tours and took all my notes, I even had a gift basket full of chocolate for my midwives. Only problem was if you were two week late you have to have your baby at the hospital and I was a week and a half.

 So that dream waved bye to me as I hit my two weeks late date and still no sign.. I really think I cried there!
My gift basket for Joan.
A pregnant woman with a sugar rush!!

I was so disappointed. I was comfortable with my Mid wife, I loved my chosen Victorian bedroom with the huge comfy tub. I was so comfortable there.

Days came and went as my face book and texts messages piled up asking me "When are you having your baby"  Geeese people I wish I knew at this point! Haha

The week Thanksgiving took place my Mid wife Joan and I decided to start a natural induction that was supposed to soften me up and help me go into a natural labor. The process was so painful because every time they had to check to see if I was dilated. It is not a fun process..

On our way to our last check up (The day before Thanksgiving) It started out as any other day. Leon and I got into the car and headed to the hospital. Hoping this last one would work. I was positive we were gonna have a Thanksgiving baby. As we were about to turn into the hospital a car came and hit the passengers side (my side) of the car. The man who hit us was freaked out! Dropping F bombs everywhere and stuff. I'm so glad my hubby knows how to do well under pressure because I sure didn't. Thankfully the man calmed down after he found out their was a woman with child in the car. I really thank God that nobody was hurt. I was really shaken up though! I was so late in my pregnancy but thankfully Evie was moving like crazy right after the accident so the enemy couldn't even try to tell me she was hurt. I did have a headache though! And because of that everyone treated me like every bone in my body was broken.

This was our longest stay at the hospital. We were there for over four hours because they wanted to keep me on the monitor just to make sure my little girl's blood pressure was okay. And it was! All I can say about that night was God was really looking out for us. It could have been much worse. Our car was totaled, my really nice sweater got a hole in it. But no one was hurt. Not even a bruise. God is forever with us!
And no, I didn't get a picture of our totaled car. I was so heart broken by the fact we had to get rid of our lovely car and too pregnant  to get up and snap it!

Before we left we finally decided to schedule an induction. And it was set for that Sunday November 25th.

To be continued....... 

I really hope you all had a wonderful memorial day and that all of you ladies and gentlemen received lots of handshakes and attention like you should every day for serving our country! I am forever grateful for your sacrifice! X0x0
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Sarah Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea you were 2 weeks late! I cannot even imagine! And you definitely had some angels surrounding your car! God is good!

Jess said...

Oh friend! That is scary. Really awesome that the Lord didn't allow the enemy to instill fear in you but that your daughter just moved all around! :) So glad you were all ok! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Rachel O. said...

Ah!! I am so glad that you were okay after that accident!!