Monday, October 21, 2013

A woman by the name of Sarah Teal.

If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would meet one of my closest friends sister's on the internet I would have told them "naaah"  For two reasons.. I never looked at the internet as a place to make friends and I honestly didn't even know there was a blogging community.. I wasn't even interested in Facebook at first until I found our a crush of mine had one..   I really enjoyed having 24/7 Leon access to see his face whenever I wanted on Facebook.. Anyways back to this girl..

I honestly didn't see such a strong, powerful relationship coming. Especially through blogging.  But Jesus did and He said it was very good! Even better I just know He has a plan for our friendship and that it's gonna do amazing things beyond our imagination in this blogging community.

Our friendship started with something as simple as a sweet comment! And some of the things we have in common. Things keep adding to the list every day by the way! Honestly things no longer surprise us. We even think alike sometimes.. Twins separated at birth??
Sarah Nicole said...
Hi Heather!
I'm you're newest follower! LOVE you're blog. You remind me a alot of myself-especially with your stance on abortion. TOTALLY with you there! Can't wait to follow along! :)
PS. Your little girl is so adorable!
Have a blessed day!
Heather Leigh Riley said...
Hey girl, So glad to hear from you!! Your blog is precious. And congrats on your precious baby!

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Ceil said...

Hi Heather Leigh! I would say your friend is truly blessed with your loving friendship. You have been so encouraging to me, and we don't know each other all that well, so I can't imagine how much you lift her.

I'll look forward to your new site! And I'll be working on a blog button in the near future. Thank you for your help there. See? So encouraging!!