Monday, April 29, 2013

Over coffee

I saw the cutest little coffee shop down in Annapolis the other day while going thrift store shopping. I didn't get to go there unfortunately because I didn't have the time.. No excuse I know!  So  today on this rainy Monday will you join me for coffee there? I'm sure we'd laugh and share stories, sip our warm lattes, as we both share what was on our hearts and what God has been doing in our lives lately.  Wishing that the time we had would just stand still for a little while so we wouldn't even have to think about the seconds, minutes and hours. And just focus.

If I were having coffee with you on this quiet rainy Monday. I would tell you just how  extravagantly loved you are by God and that I hope you know that! Because you are. :) You are loved ....I am loved
If I were having coffee with you I would tell you that Leon is now a cop with a provisional license. Meaning he's pretty much a supervised cop. He had to work yesterday which was like the first time he had to work ever on a Sunday.. I guess it's gonna have to be something I get used too! The both of us really.  His schedule is really all over the place right now, which is hard for me as a wife because I'm a routine type. I guess as a cops wife there are many   things I'm gonna half to get used too. But I know with the help of my Jesus Leon and I can get through anything together. :)

 But instead of just sitting around on my Sunday evening I really wanted to make my yard look decent so I cut the grass and my Momma Riley planted flowers.. We did a great job and the grass is well, somewhat even. :)
If I were having coffee with you I would tell you how I just can't believe how big Evelynne is getting! I know I say this many times on here but it just blows me away sometimes that my baby girl is almost half a year old.
She's been really determined to be mobile. She'll be on the floor and try to crawl and than scream and cry with frustration because she can't do it yet. I just love how determined  she is!

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you that I've been doing a new bible study this week and I love it already! It's called "She reads truth" I look forward to spending time with my main Man in the mornings. It's so very encouraging. I found out about this Bible study from the lovely Erin.. This girl inspires me daily! So check her out! (if you haven't yet that is)
 Photo: My new bible study I have been doing the last two days.. #Jesusistheloveofmylife #Spendingtimewithmymainman.
I would tell you that as a new mom I still need to learn that leaving Evelynne alone for 15 minutes so she can learn to entertain herself while I do dishes in peace is okay. And that I'm not a bad mom for doing so. I still need to learn this.

I would tell you to not forget about the Link up coming up on Wednesday May 1st. On my Birthday. I will give out the questions and stuff the day before (Tomorrow) and the Link up will start on Wednesday. Yaay!
Speaking of Birthdays... I'm gonna be 22 on Wednesday! holy canoli! I still think of myself as a teenager sometimes.. Maybe I'll grow up one of these days ha!

I have been praying and thinking a lot lately. About my singing roots and how I'd really like to start singing again. I used to sing worship at church and at the fair 4 times. I really miss blessing the Lord with my voice.

 If I were enjoying a cup of coffee with you I would ask you how you are doing? What is God doing in your life? What is stirring your heart these days?  and How can I bless you? This is what I would tell you if I was having coffee with you today my dearest friend! What would you tell me?
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Charmaine Sylvia said...

Hey Heather! Thanks for the comment on my blog photography is such a huge adventure for me, its great! Really liked reading the quote from Romans such encouraging words:) Your baby is adorable as ever

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Cara said...

I am your newest follower from mommy moments. Enojoy every moment with your baby it goes by so fast. I hope you will come join my link party called Instagram Thursdays @