Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another year

So, as I made it very obvious the past week or so. Yesterday was my 22nd Birthday!  I'm so very blessed that I have lived twenty two years of this life. And I pray out of these twenty two years I have blessed someone daily! 

This is another year, Another year to learn from my mistakes, to make daily choices wisely, to never forget to love without holding back and another year to choose whats more important in life.

It's another year to do what I'm most passionate about and that's living for Christ! To make choices of spending more time in His love letter and less time on Pinterest (Ooops) I've realized I've done that quite often. 

It's another year to be thankful! 
Being thankful for this precious little girl I get to wake up with every morning!

And my hard working husband I get to spoil when he gets home.

And it's another year to wait patiently.
Another year to wait patiently for being more financially stable, to finally buy my own car and to buy a house, and to get my big girl camera.

I have been thinking all morning about what I plan to do with another year that God has blessed me with.. And that's when I decided that I would just give this year to Him. Because He can do much more with this one crazy and precious life of mine than I can.. He can bless more than I can ever imagine, do more, heal more, speak more and listen more. I want Him to be the writer of this story I live in.. I'll just be His fancy sharpie pen. :)

Pictures from yesterday (Caution) There's kinda alot!
Yep, I tried the new chocolate cookie frappe. It was good but not my fav!
So sleepy after walking around the mall.
And finally fell asleep for Lunch. Perfect timing!

Yesterday was such a great day! Momma Riley and I went to the mall and hung out! She bought me some Starbucks and an outfit & we went to Panera Bread for lunch! And during that time I received  a wonderful phone call from my mom & dad!

After that we went to One of our favorite Thrift stores. Well, it used to be anyways.. I wasn't too impressed with our last visit. I hate it how people let things go!

Than we went to our lake by our house. So many memories are planted there. :)

After Leon got home he surprised me by taking me out to dinner. It was lovely. It's always nice to have an adult conversation with no interruptions with my best friend! 

I hope all of you are having a fabulous week!! & if you haven't played our Mommy five link up game yet. You still have 5 days before the collections close!

Love all of you. <3
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Cara said...

Thanks for linking up to Instagram Thursday. It looks like you had a great day visited 2 of my favorites Starbucks and Panera. Your little girl is a doll!!

Christa Rupar said...

Love, love love, your thankful heart and your sweet baby girl! Visiting from the instagram Thursday blog hop! Thanks for sharing!