Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy Five.. #1

Hey Momma's!! Are you ready for our first Link-up today?! Sarah & I are so looking forward to getting to know you guys much better and we can't wait to hear your insights and see your answers and what you recommend as a Mommy! If you have any questions you'd like to have asked on this Link up you can email me at Heather.L.Riley.LWACW@gmail.com. Or you can just comment below. :) Have fun!

What is your Mommy's top five can't go with outs?

1. My Bible! If I don't get 30 minutes of quiet Jesus time in the morning with a hot beverage than I am honestly no good! I get my strength and patience from Him everyday and If I don't choose to spend time with Him I'm missing something huge!

2. A Mom after God's own heart devotional. If you're looking for a "Mommy Devo" I totally recommend this! Elizabeth George has such a humble heart for the Lord and every morning there is sure to be a heart check. :)

3. Mr. Giraffe. This little guy is Evelynne's bestie. She loves him. He was the first stuffed animal she's ever held and she can easily hold him because of his long skinny neck. And did I mention he plays music? She loves that part too! I always rewind it before she goes to bed. I bought this little guy at walmart  when she had her first shots.

4. Baby Einstein. I can't help but think the guy who invented this simple yet genius TV show must be a millionaire by now ha! I bought all the seasons from a very nice family for 12 dollars at a yard sale once. They were originally gonna sell them for more expensive but we had a Jesus connection. They could tell we were a family who loved The Lord and I guess they felt led to sell it to us for cheaper... (But I wasn't complaining!) Evie loves these little music TV series and I feel great about letting her watch them. Their a great learning series without the annoying add to it *cough *cough Dora the explorer. For some reason Evie loves Dora. I personally find her annoying... Where's her parents anyways?? Yay for Baby Einstein!

5. My Ninja Blender.. This thing is amazing! We got it for our wedding and we love it. I use it now more than ever because I make my daughters baby food. It's great, simple and easy. If you plan on making your baby's food. I totally recommend it!

Happy Birthday to mee!! I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday! I totally give you permission to eat some junk food on this day I turn 22! Be blessed all!

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Sarah Nicole said...
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Sarah Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Girl! I pray blessings over you in this next year of your life! I proclaim that this will be your best year yet!

Love you girl!

Susannah said...

I completely agree - a bible should always be in the top five needed things! :-)