Monday, October 1, 2012

An Autumn Baby Shower.

Last Saturday I was given a wonderful Baby shower by my friends and family. It was so exciting!

My sister Amy and my beautiful niece Hailey.
The beautiful cake Memaw Nancy made.
Momma Riley and I
Memaw Nancy and my pregger self!
My hubby Hollywood style!
Being measured while doing my favorite thing in the whole world!
Our Mr. Muscles!
The woman I call My Momma

My Riley Family
Ma & Son =)
Sister & Brother.
Husband & wife
 Special thanks & shout out to My sister Amy for the games, Sister Ashley for the Decor, Momma Riley and Ashley for setting up the decor, Momma & sisters Suzy and Sarah for the drinks, Memaw Nancy for making the cake and making my Diaper cake, Jenny Kramer for the party favors, All of my dearest Friends & family for bringing a dish and everyone who came to make this day more special! And to my hubby for using those muscles God blessed Him with ;)

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