Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On the board!

 Sunday Leon and I went on a date to the Baltimore railroads museum! It was a great experience for us both considering we both really enjoy

My husband thinks he can just go up and talk to anybody!
He really loves trains...

Well, I believe the most perfect Caption for this one should be titled "The man I love" It fits right? <3

You should have seen the looks we were getting!!

Yes, that excited look on his face was because he got to push buttons!
Ummm... I'll hold it thanks!

I'm so glad he let me take pictures!
This train was actually from the "Civil war"!!!
Um, pardon me sir, Do you have the time?

Ha, try fitting that in your purse! Well, actually I think I can!
Watch and see as the incredible Leon writes his name in the code!

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