Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The most important thing I can teach my daughter

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I'm looking forward to teaching my daughter so many things. To read, to write, to enjoy the simple things in life. Yesterday at the sonogram I actually got to see her pretty face in 3d. Not for long and really only half of her face because she was covering the other half (I really hope she gets more photogenic when she enters the world) Looking at that beautiful face I couldn't help but think about her identity in Christ. And how beautifully and wonderfully made she is. Shes had so many people speak into her life about how small she is and that
she is underweight. But looking at her and seeing her. I know she is perfect! It really got me to thinking about "Identity" again. It occurred to me that I believe really the most important thing I can teach my daughter, reveal to her and encourage her to receive is to know her true identity in Christ! Because so many in the world are going to try and deceive her, and tell her who they think she is. It is so important that those things don't matter to her and that the only opinion that should and does matter is from her Heavenly Beloved, Her Heavenly Father and King. To remember that she is beautiful beyond compare. Not because of her looks, or what she wears even though if she takes after her father she'll be in the latest trends for sure! But to remember that she is beautiful because God made her that way. He looks at her, adores her and knows what He has made is really good!
To remember that she is the Victor and never the victim. Because she is the true daughter of the most High God. A spiritual warrior that cannot be defeated.

To remember not to fear because she is perfectly loved. And that nothing can harm her. To know that she has the authority to stomp serpents, to heal the sick, raise the dead, and no evil thing will come near her. To know that evil is powerless when the Children of God are unafraid. And that God has given her the Authority to do such things.

That she has the very abundant life that God has given to her through His Son.

Before she was conceived God knew her and sanctified her.

She is the Bride of Christ. And she is cherished and crowned with glory and honor.

She is not nor ever will be condemned. Because her life is in Christ. He took her condemnation and replaced it with freedom.

And She was created for His Glory to do the Mighty things that God has anointed her  to do. And only she can do! 

I have mentioned before that I believe the most important thing for a woman to know or anyone in general is to know their Identity in Christ! Because once they know that. Nothing will be able to stop them.
I want to teach my daughter these things because I believe it is the most important thing a Born again Christian can know. If they don't know this, they will be stomped on and deceived by what the world thinks they are. My desire and dream is that my daughter knows who she is in Christ. That she can stand tall as a believer looking down to no one.  To have such authority in Christ and allowing Him to work miracles in her life. That what people say doesn't move her, but what she says moves other people, that she can stand inline at a grocery store and not envy or be discouraged by the half dressed model in a magazine. But instead pray for her and pity her, to not be effected by piers but instead her piers be effected by her. I believe God has given me such responsibility by placing a miracle inside of me. A responsibility I will take most seriously. I can't tell you how excited I am to have a little girl call me mom!


Heather said...

I am so excited for you, girl! Loved this post! xo

Heather Leigh Riley said...

EEK! I'm getting more and more excited as each day passes! Knowing I'll have my little girl in my arms in a month excites me yet, terrifies me at the same time!