Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Day at Panera Bread I'll never EVER forget.


Who would have ever thought that working on a Saturday would have been one of the best experiences ever? I never thought that until I worked one shift on a windy October day in 2011. Who would have ever thought that a work day would have ended up being one of the best days of my life? Not this girl! Until that day happened. This wasn't just any work day. It was the day I meant one of my favorite singer, actress, book author, mentor. You name it! I met her. And this is the story of how it came about.

 It was around 12ish. I know this because we were in the middle of a lunch rush. I honestly have no idea how many lattes and smoothies I made that day.. Though I didn't mind because I loved putting my artistic talents to my lattes. I took a lot of pride in them.. And then it happened as I was making a certain lady a decaf  latte. I looked up and I was certain the woman staring at me was Rebecca ST James...

Of course I didn't want to be awkward and just blurt out "REBECCA ST JAMES! I love you your the coolest!!"  Just to find out that it's not her at all.. So I came up with this clever idea to get her to say something because I can recognize her awesome Australian accent a mile away. So I asked if she had ordered a decaf latte.And she replied  "Yes."   It was her!! But still I didn't want to be too hasty. She could have been  very a well a Rebecca St James look alike who happened to have an accent.. Or one of those citizens who often dress and get surgery to look like their admirer.. Who knows? So, I told her she looked very familiar. And she said "Well, I'm a singer if that helps." Rebecca St James????" I said very excitedly and she replied with a yes! I couldn't even tell you how excited I was to just be making her coffee. Meeting her and getting to talk with her was such a humbling experience. She even stood next to the Cafe just so she could talk to me. Little old me. It was awesome! We talked about ministry, and how music is a big part of our lives, we talked about Panera bread and how we both love their famous Cinnamon Crunch bagels. It was great! Unfortunately she had to leave because she had a concert that night but before she left she gave me a personally signed book that she just came out with called "What is he thinking?" And ladies, it's one of my favs! I would definitely recommend to ladies of all ages. Married, relationship, or single. This lady carries a lot of   wisdom with her.  And I was so very blessed, humbled and privileged to have been able to meet her at a Panera Bread that day!

And no, unfortunately I wasn't able to get any pictures of us. =(  For one I didn't have my camera on me and two I was working, and three she was in sweats and a tee shirt and even though I'm positive she  wouldn't have minded I wanted to be thoughtful... Though I really wish I had that picture! lol.

By the way in case you have no idea who I'm talking about Rebecca ST James  is my mentor. Is is like super swag people!) I honestly thought everyone knew who she was.. Until I told my friend later that evening who I was so excited to have met and she replied. "Heather, I have no idea who she is!" It kinda makes me sad in a way because I feel as though every woman in the world should be looking up to this woman.. But instead they're looking and admiring women who well, aren't really admiring material....

Have you met a celebrity, singer (etc) that is your mentor?? Or just someone you adore? I'd love to hear about it! MUCH LOVE!! XOXOXO

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Veronica Lee Burns said...

How cool!

Mandy said...

Oh I am going to have to go read this book! Looks awesome and isn't it so nice to meet people who you admire!!! I agree with you completely, way too many people out in the world who are not worth admiring.

Justynn Yagiela said...

wow! what a great lucky chance!

Thanks for linking up the to Friend Connect Blog Hop today!

Co-Host // Justynn
Creative Life Antics

Amanda Wissmann said...

THAT IS SOOOOOOO COOOOOL! I would LOVE to meet her! She's such a positive example!

Im pretty sure I would have been the awkward one blurting out I LOVE YOU! hahaha!