Thursday, July 4, 2013

We want to wish you a Happy July 4th!

Happy Fourth of July Friends! I am so grateful for the freedom I have and for our soldiers and police officers who fight every day and risking their own lives to defend our freedom! I often feel as though they're not recognized or appreciated enough. So major shout out to you Ladies and Gentlemen. I thank each and every one of you for your service!

I'm so glad to be free! & to live in a country that's free. I'm blessed that I live in a country to where I can open up my bible at a star bucks  without the fear of authorities seeing me and dragging me off to jail.. A thought like that hasn't even crossed my mind while opening my bible at a star bucks. And I'm so blessed I don't have to live like that. But my heart yearns for those who are murdered and prosecuted to this day just because they just own a bible.

I'm glad we have the freedom  to make a difference in the world we live in. I'm glad we have the opportunity to speak up and fight for the innocent. Though I am often thinking of ways to make my voice louder and more effective. I really don't plan on leaving this earth until every abortion clinic is closed and burned to the ground.

And most importantly friends, I'm so extremely blessed for my Freedom in Christ. This is a freedom to really rejoice and shout about. For if I didn't carry this freedom no other freedom would matter. I would be nothing. I am free from my past, present and future. I'm free from what ever comes my way.. Being free in Jesus just makes this life  worth living. Yay Jesus!!



Sarah Nicole said...

Girl. She is too cute!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful 4th!! :)

Katie Cook said...

ahhh She is SOOO cute:) Happy 4th darlin!! love Katie

megs7827 said...

So sweet! Thanks for linking up with us! I hope you join us next week for fireworks!

Camille said...

She is beautiful!! Very cute 4th of July dress. :)

Krystal Butherus said...

Awwww! So precious! Thanks for linking up!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful reminder about our freedom in Christ, and the freedoms we have to read our bible out in the open. :)