Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three Things Thursday.

Hello Lovelies!!  I hope your week is going wonderfully! <3

Today I am linking up with the Pretty Myranda & Kristyn  for the very fun TTT Link up! I'm so excited about this one this morning because well, I love my Momma!!

This TTT topic today is....
3 Things you LOVE about your Mom.

1.I remember one time I was around eleven years old and it was my mom's Birthday. (Which was yesterday btw!) I was eleven so of course I didn't have a job or money for that matter so instead of buying her something I wanted to do something nice for her. 

My mom hates dusting, she really does! So for her birthday I decided that I was going to dust all of her old favorite china dish collection for her birthday. So they will be nice and shiny for her when she gets home. (Can you see where this is going?) 

The China was on a shelf hanging on the wall. So as I was stepping on a chair leaning on the shelf to grab her china (BOOM!) I lost my balance, the shelf fell and every piece of china is splattered into pieces along with my heart.

I was literally crushed. I thought I was a horrible daughter and that my mom could never forgive me for ruining her Birthday and her life. I broke her favorite China dishes. (Yeah, I was kinda a drama queen back in the day!) 

I didn't know what to say. How was I gonna tell her. I just felt like crawling under a rock so I could cry for the rest of my life.

Finally when my mom came home I went out to meet her. I thought it would be wise of me to tell her before she walked into the crime scene in the house.  As the tears came running down my face I mumbled under my breath "I broke your dishes by accident." Thankfully she could understand me because I really didn't want to repeat myself.

She looked really sad at first and I thought she would have gotten so mad. But instead she got a smile on her face and asked me if I was okay? (That second I realized I wasn't going to be condemned for the rest of my life. My mom still might love me!)
"Yes, I'm okay" I replied with a half smile still heart broken about what I had done. I asked her if she was mad and she answered. "Why would I be mad Heather?" It was an accident because you wanted to help me out by dusting my dishes. I couldn't be mad at you for that. I choose you over my dishes any day!"

This is a really long answer to my first. But I would have to say one of my favorite things about my mom is her love and forgiveness. I will never forget this story and the time I realized that I meant more to her than her china. This will be a story I will tell my little darlings about their Grammy.

2. She's down to earth. My mom is one woman I know who doesn't mind getting dirty! I have never heard her say once to not get dirty as kids. She knew we were kids and if we wanted to make mud pies she'd be right along side of us making mud pies with us. She's a very out doors type of woman who loves to be outside getting dirty with her animals. I love that about her.

3. I love that she would go to the moon and back for her children. She loves us that much. She is such a motherly person. Even my friends as kids wanted to adopt her.
Momma holding me.

Three generations
Momma and her newest addition!


Becky Borgman said...

Just found your blog and I love how right away I could see your love for Christ! And I love this post about your mom- when a wonderful tribute. Looking forward to reading more!

Chelle W said...

I love the last pic of your mom. It just shows her compassion and love not just for others but for everything in life.

~ Chelle @ Oh, just stop already

Sarah Nicole said...

This reminds me of a memory I have of my mom when I was little.
I broke her favorite casserole dish that she had since her and my dad got married-which was a LONG time. I remember crying when I realized what I had done and feeling like she would be so mad at me. She wasn't. at all. I just remember her saying, "No use crying over spilled milk!" I remember thinking I had the BEST mom at that moment! It's one of my favorite memories. Hooray for good mommies! :)