Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Laughter.. It's something I LOVE to do often!

Do ever just love to laugh?! Of course you do! I mean, who doesn't? So I thought today instead of writing anything I would post some stuff that brings a huge grin out of me and possibly leaves me to start a laughing spell!    

HaHahA funny & true!  I actually read a study on breastfeeding and  people who breastfeed end up saving around five thousand a year!! And if that doesn't inspire one to breastfeed enough, you also burn 500 calories daily! Whoohoo!

These are some video's on You tube that I find pretty hilarious!

I asked my beloved Leon to sing me a romantic song while we were dating and this was the best he came up with! Not too romantic but this is definitely something that I will always look back on with a smile and gosh that was a gross song! 
This is probably one of this funniest pictures I have of Evie yet! This girl always gets giggles out of me!
So these are just a few things I find hilarious! Where do you get your laughs?


Mandy said...

That ecard is priceless and so true! I find myself doing the same thing. Love your post. :)

Christina McGuire said...

Hi!! I'm a new follower and a fellow new mommy :) love your blog- great job with it! Hope you'll drop by and read about my new SAHM life to a 6month old baby girl.

All the best,

Christina @The McGuire Family


Courtney B said...

5 THOUSAND?! I had no idea it was that much savings! Crazy!! (Actually, one of the things that really pushed me to keep trying breastfeeding when I was still in the early, HORRIBLE stages of it, was the money ha ha!)
Your Evie is SO precious!

Lauren said...

TOO PRECIOUS!!! Love your blog and can't wait to learn more about you!!