Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breastfeeding tips!

Tips for Breastfeeding.
Hey lovelies! So I don't know if it was just me but when I first started to breastfeed.. It was horrible!
I came close to giving up many times just because I was under a lot of stress from lack of sleep, the massive life change, and being in pain every time I sneezed. But let me add in that I am so extremely glad I didn't give up. Breastfeeding my daughter is so special & brings such a special bond between us  (When shes not extremely grumpy that is)... So, now that I feel like a breastfeeding ninja, I thought I would share my secrets to getting through the first two weeks of breastfeeding. I hope it helps!

It's only two weeks.
1. Seriously the first two weeks are the hardest. It was awful and so painful for me the first two weeks. I would actually shed a tear every time because it hurt so bad. I constantly mumbled underneath my breath that "Pain is weakness leaving the body" Yea, for some reason that quote made me feel better! Anyways my point being. Try to remember that it's only two weeks of stress and the rest of the year it's bonding. Just keep saying to yourself "Only two weeks" Trust me if you can get through months of pregnancy, hours of labor, you can get through this!

Pray for her.
2. Instead of playing on your iphone, texting or watching TV while breastfeed. Try praying for her when your feeding. Your not only getting Spiritual time but your also praying for her spiritual growth. And breastfeeding for me while praying was much more calmer.

Do it right!
3. Make sure you're doing it right! Take a breast feeding class & while your at the hospital make sure you get a lot of help from the nurses to teach you the best way to do it.I also did utube searching so I could watch how other women did it.

Burp that baby!
4. Always make sure she/he burps. So they're not as fussy. 

Give them girls a break.
5. Don't feel bad about taking a break. During the night or when your eating don't be afraid to let your husband feed her with the formula the hospital gave you every once in a while. At least until you are able to pump, which they recommend three weeks. Your girls need a break too, you know! 

How did you get through breastfeeding?

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