Friday, February 1, 2013

The day I realized I was inlove.

So it being close to V day I thought I would write a romantic post about the day I first realized I was in love! Many probably would have told me I was just infatuating but trust me! I know what it's like to be infatuated I've been infatuated with boys all my life and this my friend was the big L.O.V.E word. It's not too often when you are in love with a man before you even go out on your first date with him huh? But I was.
So this is the story of when I realized I was in love with my holy hunk!

It was around April of 2010 when Ashley (Leon's sister) and I were going to plan a beach day for June. It was going to be a girl's day but Leon wanted to tag along. (Does it look like this girl would complain??) To be honest I was so excited to see the man   walking on the beach barefoot, with his sexy hair blowing in the wind...... Anyways We finally planned a nice day to go to the beach on the first Friday of June while Ashley was on college break.  I guess you could say I counted the days and the day finally came. We planned to leave at 9:00am  and I was ready by 6:30 am.. (A little excited weren't we?) I was ready down to the chocolate cover bacon in my purse that I told Leon I would buy him..
After three hours and 30 minutes of getting lost we finally arrived and was starved. So we went to a pizza joint and Leon paid for both his sister & I. There alone, I was impressed!

After we finally got to the beach Ashley decides she doesn't want to get in the water but to stay out & read instead. So it was just Leon and I. We were in the water for a good old three hours maybe? We had the best most important conversation in that  breath taking ocean (Literally breath taking! If you're not careful it will pull you down with it's waves!!)  It started out with Leon asking me a question I honestly wasn't expecting!

Leon: So, Heather. May I ask you a personal question? Of course you don't have to answer if you don't want too!

Me: Um sure, Leon! (Nervous about what he might ask!)

Leon: So out of curiosity, What qualities are you looking for in a future husband?

This was the start of a 3 hour conversation! We talked about Passions, purity, Jesus, Marriage, Ministry, and where we saw each other in ten years. I guess you could say we covered all the questions we would ask on a first date.  He would tell me about His relationship with Jesus, his ministry, his fire and love for The Word, how much he loves writing but doesn't do it enough, and plans for being a Pastor. I was floating on clouds (Or water that is!) After hearing him pour his heart out to me about his love and passion for God I was in love! Not because of who he was, but who God was in him.. And plus his joking around and making me laugh was extra cake on the side.

 After the beach we decided to spend the rest of the day eating fatty foods.. & Leon breaking the rules (As usual) and fed the birds. We ended it  eating vanilla ice cream, taking pictures and Ashley and I attempting to take a jumping picture until the sun came down. Today was not only the day I gained five pounds (Not literally) But was also the day I fell in love with not only my husband but the first guy well... ever! And was I the kinda girl that kept it hidden?? Of course not! I told my family, best friends and every woman in my youth group I was in love with Leon and that I was gonna marry him... In fact I think I told everyone.... except Leon of course!.

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