Thursday, January 31, 2013

you & Me

You & me: By Heather Leigh
A life together with you has been so wonderful
Together you and I in a world so colorful.

There are so many guys out there and for me, My love you are the best.
I look at you and the life we made together and I call myself  blessed.

God knew what He was doing when He paired up you and me.
He created a couple made for His ministry.

Our family will change the world with God on our side.
 No we won't sit tight. But instead enjoy the ride!

Okay..... I was going through my old.... old old camera back when Leon and I were dating. I actually remember this. When he picked up my guitar and started playing me the randomest songs (Not real songs nor songs that should be real!!)  But Leon's songs.. I guess this was his was of romancing me! & surprisingly it did! A girl loves to laugh you know.. Even if the songs are disgusting!!

 Ps. Don't you love his hair!! I miss it. I can't wait until I can run my fingers through it again. Now when I touch his head I feel a breeze. -_-

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