Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31daysofblogging// Sunshine award.

The other day I was tagged by my sweet friend Rebecca  for the sunshine award! And I'm so excited!
(1) What is a dream that you hope will come true for your life? 
Oh man, this is a hard one! I have so many and I'm declaring each one of them to come true! One is to be a Woman's inspirational book author, Actually go on a huge romantic  getaway to Paris with the hubs, and to go on a family trip to England.
I have a dream. I have a dream. I want all the disney movies.
                    (2) Do you have a nickname? If so, what is the story behind it?
I do! two actually.  My first nickname I received as a child was is Cheetah.. Like the monkey. I got it from my Uncle Lloyd who gave me that name after expressing my passion and love for banana's.. I used to put my hands up and wave them back in forth just to get one. I wish I could say that story was long forgotten before I met my husband but unfortunately my poor husband got to here that embarrassing story along with many other. However, I am still called "Cheetah" by many of my family members til this day.. I've actually gotten used to it.

My 2nd nickname that I personally love best is "Fruitsnacks Smiles"  I received this nick name from a favorite manager back in the Panera Bread days. I have always loved fruit snack gummies  and  I always smiled so she gave me the name Fruitsnacks Smiles.. And from that day on that was my name at Panera Bread. :)

(3)If you had to change your first name what would you change it to?
I have no idea, something meaningful, powerful and different though!
 Maybe "Trinity" or something lol. I'm also a fan of old fashioned names.

(4) What is the strangest thing that you believed when you were a child?
That their were little people living in traffic lights that made it turn red, green, or yellow.
(5) What is the most recent compliment that you have received and treasured? Why?
The other day I received a sweet word from a girl who thanked me for blogging because it really encourages her.

I was so touched by it because that's exactly what my mission as a blogger is.. To bless and encourage and foremost give Jesus all the glory.. I desire for this space on the web to always be filled with positive and lovely things.

(6) What do you think about more than anything else?
I would defiantly have to say Jesus and the future He has for me. He has really been calling me to do worship at my church so worship has really been on my mind along with ministering to my family and the blogging community.. 
(7) Where is your favorite place to go in your hometown?
My local star bucks and Panera Bread. I'm really on the search for a nice infamous coffee shop but the only one's I have found so far are smack down in the middle of the Baltimore city and it's not a very nice quiet place. boo!
(8) What is your favorite word?
Love. Because without it, you can do nothing.
(9) Who is your hero and why?
There was a certain Man who took my place long before I was born.. He died so that I may live and have eternal life with Him forever. I'd say He is more than a Hero but One who is truly worthy of my every praise!
(10) What has been the most terrifying moment in your life and why?
 When Leon and I got into a car accident when I was 43 weeks pregnant with our baby.. Thankfully she was moving alot afterwards so it was hard for the enemy to plant thoughts in my head. Still it was my first car accident and when you have your child in the car it makes the whole experience even more terrifying. However, God really looked out for us and the only thing that got destroyed was our car. We needed a new one anyways :)
(11) What has been your best/favorite vacation and why?
I've never actually been on a vacation before =(  I will go on one soon though! I have many plans with my family.. However, My Uncle used to take us kids to his cabin in WV every year when we were younger.. He'd take us four wheeling, let us drink soda 24/7 and eat whatever we wanted.. I remember my older sister and I living on chocolate muffins and milk the whole week pretty much. I also remember the cabin having a gorgeous view. It was beautiful :) 

I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!!! Come check out my newest vlog devotional that will be held every Wednesday called "Not your ordinary coffee date". It's gonna be awesome and I can't wait to see what God has planned for this!! Today I'm talking about worry so I hope you are blessed. Love ya'll!


his little lady said...

What a great post! Those nicknames are hilarious :)
xo TJ

Peggy said...

Wow, I picked a great post to read. It sounds like you really deserved the Sunshine Award. The best part of the post was describing your visit with your uncle. I smile when you said eating chocolate muffins and drinking mild. What a great memory to have. I try to make memories with my grandchildren that will make them smile later in their life.
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