Monday, October 14, 2013

31daysofblogging// Exciting moments of the week.

It has seriously been raining all week last week! From dawn to dusk.. I'm usually a huge fan of rain. The sound, the look.. The way it makes you feel so cuddly and  gives you permission to stay in your PJ's all day and get lost in a book.. However, Motherhood has changed my line of thinking a bit.. I still love rain and the sound (especially thunderstorms) but when your daughter gets cabin fever when she's in the house to long things go crazy.. Piglet loves the out doors.. LOVES it! It's her favorite place to be and when she can't go outside she's not a happy camper..Thankfully my friend Carolyne and I were able to get together with our little darlings to make some fall crafts! Isn't pinterest the best for fall idea's? 

E did so well! She's like a natural born artist. We had so much fun.

For the first time since Spring Leon and I got to go on a date.. Oh it was so nice to be able to just enjoy a nice quiet dinner and not have to rush our meals down our throat.  It was nice to be able to just share our hearts with one another, and to get to know each other even more than we  did.. Even if it's something as simple as what super hero you'd want to be if you could. We like to ask questions like that. It keeps the Marriage fresh.

It's funny how special and important dates are now for us.. Before when we were just dating it was something we did like two times a week.. Now we're lucky if we can get out once every three months.. The good thing about that though is that because we don't get to do it as often we appreciate it so much more.. It's so much more special and memorable. It's not just going out to eat. It's a time of fellowship, to slow down for a second to enjoy each other, a time to remind each other of why we fell in love. And let me tell you something ladies, I'm in love!

Leon would be Super Man by the way and I couldn't make up my mind between Iron woman and Optimus Prime!  =)

Where do you like to go on your dates or go with your girlfriends to chill?

Do you have any cute fall crafts that would be good for an almost one year old?


Karla said...

Aw! I am loving that you two were able to go out on a date! The food looks sooo good!

I used to work at a daycare and I know a TON of fall crafts for 1 year olds. The cutest one I have seen is more for Halloween. You paint the bottom of their foot with white paint... and you make their footprint (upside down) on black paper. The heel of their foot is the head of a ghost! You can put eyes on it. It is so so cute. I've also seen kids do a handprint collage of red, orange, and yellow hands. It makes it look like a bunch of leaves. Also real cute! =)

Sarah Nicole said...

I'm so glad you and your hubby got to go on a date! :) You are so right it's so important to remember why you fell in love in the first place!

Ceil said...

HI Heather Leigh! What a cute little art project for you and your Piglet! I have a granddaughter who is 18 mo's old, so this would be perfect for her and my daughter.

Your dinner out looked fabulous! Huge hamburger and chocolate cake...a fire, and me going into a coma :)

I like being with friends, and being by myself too. I try to balance it so I don't turn into a hermit or turn into a housebound bore. So far, so good I think!
Monday Blessings :)