Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scars & Purity.

My Friend, sexual sin is one of the most damaging things that one can do to their own body physically, spiritually and mentally. Which is why God warns us to stay away from it!

God doesn't just tell us to wait for no reason. He loves us too much and He created not only us but sex as well, and because He created sex He also knows it very well. He created it to be a beautiful intimate thing that a man and a woman would come together to do in marriage. Sex is really such a beautiful thing! A man and a woman coming together in holiness and selflessness to give ones self to each other and creates a wonderful, beautiful being. Which is why Satan tries so hard to pervert it with lust and selfishness.

I am strongly passionate for purity. And no sex til marriage and because I have compromised my passions in the past I am even more passionate about it!  I was deeply  hurt from it and in different ways so was Leon. We realized what was going on and how the enemy was trying to get in our relationship. But we did not condemn ourselves at all because that would just be another battle Satan would want victory in. So we picked ourselves up and continued to run finishing the race and fighting the good fight. And the day finally came when we had our victory. They day I proudly walked down the aisle wearing white. I was more pure that day than ever before.  During this whole experience our loving God has given us so many testimonies. No matter how many times you fall God's promise is there always! He has never left us and has never forsaken us and never will. In fact I remember one time I was broken and hurt by all this and I was just pouring my heart to God asking for strength and He brought me to Isaiah 41:10.

"Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."

This verse brought me so much comfort and joy! Knowing that His strength is inside me! And day by day, week by week His strength is in us more each day!

It doesn't matter how many times you fall. It's what you do afterwards. Are you going to condemn yourself and just lay there? or are you going to take your Fathers hand He willingly gave you, get back up and finish the race you were created to win?

Boundaries are so important!
One thing I really wish I would have done is talked with Leon about boundaries when we first got together. And stood for them. We had goals to stay pure and we had boundaries afterwards but we did not start out with boundaries. Just to stay pure. I now realize a relationship needs boundaries from the beginning. You just cannot say "Okay no impurity" But than think it is okay to go upstairs alone and watch a movie in his bedroom and expect nothing to happen!  A relationship with no boundaries can only lead to failure. And if you think you do not need boundaries you are greatly deceived my friend.
Here is a list of boundaries I deeply respect and highly recommend!

1. The swim principle. When you do not touch a guy anywhere a modest bathing  suit would cover and same with the girl.

2. no clothes off!!

3. Do not be alone with each other with the door shut.

4. No laying on the bed together. The bed is a very intimate special place for married couples and for sleeping.

My goal is to please God by living with a clean conscience before Him, and knowing He is watching. I want to please Him with all I am but I cannot do that if I am not living entirely for Him.

It's hard for the woman.
Sexual sin is really hard for the woman because when she gives even a small part of herself away too early she feels a loss of value, and when she feels a loss of value she also feels a loss of respect and a sense of respect toward the man, and then he feels a lack of value.
More reasons why saving sex is so important. I have seen relationships destroyed because of impurity, and it breaks my heart dearly.

Modest is hottest.
The gift of a woman's body is precious. Through her modesty she allows a lot about her character and what she values and it shows shes secure in herself. It breaks my heart when I see young girls in youth groups wearing immodest clothing. The media is a great influence on them. It is so important girls, that we dress modestly because our character is shown by how we dress and our attention is shown by how we dress as well. It is never a good excuse for a guy to disrespect a girl in a sexual way. But when we dress the part, we are asking for it! And I never want to see any girl disrespected. When we dress modestly we not only help our christian bro's out and respect them but we're also respecting ourselves and our bodies and most of all we are respecting God with our body.

You can do it!
Maybe you feel like you went to far to go back, you are furthest from the truth. Leon and I are living proof it's possible. As far as the east is from the west. God is here and the time is now. He is ready to catch you. Are you ready to jump into His Arms?

Much love- XOXO
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Bibi said...

A tough topic but one that needs to be addressed. I very much agree with your view.
I have so many thoughts roaming in my head right now and they all lead back to today's media. Now more than ever is it important to teach it to the current and next generations how important it is to stay pure. Immodesty is flung at us from every angle in the media, on billboards, in advertisings - today's young people think immodesty is the norm and that saddens me very much.

Thank you so much for sharing this private part of your life!