Sunday, June 23, 2013


 I never thought what it could mean.
Could I really be set free from all things?
Could I be healed from all the stings?
The burdens of this world hung on me like strings.
I thought their was no hope for me.
Could a girl undeserving be set free from these things.
I thought it was too late but You proved me wrong.
You poured Your love on me and over flowed me with a song.
It's finished, Your free. You are now worthy because of Me.
I paid the price for You my child.
Now live free in remembrance of Me.
I got up and the chains broke off.
The tears and nightmares went away and a smile took  place.
This smile Jesus gave me, I just can't take it off my face.
Joyous is the one who counts it all as lost.
Jesus, lead me to the cross for nothing else matters.
Because of Jesus I see so many beautiful patterns.
Light as a feather. As if I'm floating in the water of freedom.
not a burden in the world.
I'm no longer drowning from the rocks dragging me in.
But now I'm floating on top of the water flying on His wings.
Freedom He brings and takes all our cares away.
Freedom He brings to give a chance to all who have gone astray.
Freedom He brings and I forever want to stay in the arms of the One who took my place that day.


Katie Cook said...

This is beautiful! I feel the same way...thank the Lord that no matter what we go through, HE Can free us! love ya girl! love Katie

Karla said...

So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. <3